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Monday Runday

{Kathleen} This morning seemed to come around pretty quickly after such a busy and fun weekend. My mom and I started with a 2.5 mile walk with the pups this morning at sunrise.

I decided to mix my breakfast up this morning with a fruit smoothie. I combined a scoop of chocolate protein powder + almond milk + water + blueberries and it made a big ol' cold refreshing smoothie that I enjoyed on the way to work.

Lunch was eaten at my desk since today was pretty busy at work. I was excited about my salad though! I had leftover Brussels sprouts and caramelized onions from last dinner last night on top of my usual spinach salad, red bell pepper and blue cheese.

I do love some Brussels sprouts! I buy them frozen and I roast them at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes with olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette. I sprinkle on some salt and pepper when they come out. They are good hot but I also like them cold the next day as leftovers on a salad.

They are doing construction on the floor above us and we have lost all control of our air conditioning. It has been a crisp 60 degrees in our offices the past 2 weeks, and as an already cold natured person myself I have been literally freezing! I have a space heater in my office which has definitely helped but today called for extra warmth with a skinny caramel latte from the coffee cart at work. It did its job; it woke and warmed me up :)

About an hour before we were going to run I had a snack: a peach straight from Chilton county (home to the best peaches ever) with some honey roasted cashews.

After work we headed out for our usual Monday 4 mile run. Unlike the atmosphere in our offices today, outside it was a sizzling 94 degrees. After a freezing day inside, the hot weather felt great! By this time of the summer we are acclimated to it!

This picture was taken before I almost plummeted to my death backward off the mound at the playground, thankfully I caught myself as that's not the way I want to go.

After our run we headed to Rainie and JT's loft for dinner. Homemade pizzas it was!

We enjoyed a refreshing cocktail while the pizzas were cooking. 

JT had the traditional tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and pepperoni (before pic).

The girls had pesto + mozzarella cheese + tomatoes + balsamic dressing drizzled over after it was cooked.  I am not much of a red sauce girl so pesto is definitely my pizza preference.

VA also made an great salad to have on the side. She chops the spinach up so its really easy to eat and it mixes the dressing up really well. I am definitely going to start doing that when serving salads to a group.

After dinner we started studying for the Certified Personal Trainer Exam. This is a goal all 3 of us have and we have been meaning to start studying for a while but just haven't done it, the summer has been pretty busy for all of us. I made an outline last night (#nerdIknow) of studying week by week. We started with the anatomy chapter last night, it wasn't the most exciting material but we got to know the basics before we get to the more interesting info.  After an hour or so of studying we called it a night and VA and I both headed home.

Yay for a productive Monday!

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