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Monday Meals and Monkey Bars

In true Monday fashion, I didn't get a photo of breakfast because I was multitasking by eating and packing lunch at the same time. I had a strawberry Greek yogurt and some coffee. 

JT said yellow meated watermelon is his favorite so we got a huge one at the farmer's market on Sunday. I put some on my salad while wishing I had gone with the normal watermelon- this yellow has nothing on it's sweet, red cousin!

Salad of choice yesterday was spring mix, almonds, blue cheese, chia seeds, and watermelon with light Balsamic vinaigrette. Have you had the Dasani sparkling water yet? I really tried to like La Croix, but I just don't. The Dasani water leaves less of a bitter aftertaste than La Croix and is a good alternative to diet soda.

To make things exciting again, I had sliced tomatoes, topped them with fresh basil, mini Babybel light mozzarella and Balsamic drizzle. 

Snack around 3:30 was another yogurt. This was on sale at Walmart and I really liked it!

After work, the three amigos went on our usual jog. We stopped at the park to play around a little before deciding we want to be able to do full pull ups eventually! Here's hopin'.

Our personal fave (Get it Kathleen;):

After dinner, I went by the Lovelady thrift store to look for a buffet to re-do for my dishes but no such luck! I really want a pie safe or something similar to this picture but am having such a hard time finding anything!
JT worked late so I started dinner while munching on somewhat of a guacamole mixture: avocado, tomato, and cilantro drizzled with lemon. My cilantro plant is really struggling these days. Is it time for it to stop producing?

Finally, my hard working hubby made it home for dinner! Taco salad with fajita chicken. I grilled the chicken over low/medium heat and sprinkled it with cumin, cayenne pepper, and a tiny bit of Mrs. Dash Southwest Seasoning and added it to sautéed peppers and onions. It turned out really great! I shredded the cheese, and piled it all onto a bed of lettuce. Ranch was added by JT, but only light sour cream and my guacamole mixture for me. 

By this time, it was about 9 so we watched some TV and called it a night. I know, super exciting Monday night happenings, right?!
Did you lay low on Monday too?

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