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Local Fun!

{Virginia} I am a little late with this blog post, but better late than never right? Saturday was a beautiful day in Birmingham!   
Elizabeth (my roommate and one of my very best friends since childhood) and I decided to really get to know our new neighborhood and explore Cahaba Heights. I started the day by making smoothies for us to drink for breakfast.  I mixed up 1 cup of frozen berries, 1 serving of Light and Fit Greek Yogurt, 1 tablespoon of chia seeds and 1 tablespoon of ground flax seed  and then added unsweetened almond milk to make it the desired consistency.  

Then, we went to Pepper Place where we found an abundance of beautiful, fresh produce.  Summer is always such a busy time that somehow it slipped away and this was my first visit to Pepper Place this year. 

When we got home, we parked the car at our house and walked to breakfast at the Alabama Biscuit Company.  I got the pecan, goat cheese biscuit and Elizabeth got the ham and cheese biscuit; both were delish!  

Next we walked around the shops on Cahaba Heights Road and found so many adorable places.  One of my favorite parts of our shopping adventure was the kind, helpful people working in the shops.  Everyone was extremely welcoming and helpful (don’t get me wrong they did not hover but were available to help if needed).   I got some locally made pepper jelly.   One shop in particular that stood out to me was Birmingham Bake and Cook Company.  They were having a cooking demonstration in the back of the store and the food that they were cooking smelled amazing!  The lady at the front of the store helped me find exactly what I was looking for. I picked up some dinosaur cupcake wrappers for my nephew who is about to turn 3 and is having a dinosaur themed birthday party.  I also bought a cookie cutter in the shape of the state of Alabama and a cookie cutter helmet for football season.  Today, I received a postcard from them thanking me for shopping with them and wishing me good luck baking cupcakes for my nephew’s party!  How sweet and personal was that?  I will definitely go back to the Bake and Cook store and would love to attend one of their food demonstrations!  

After that, came the less exciting part of the day with running errands, grocery shopping, cleaning and cutting the grass.  I learned a valuable lesson today and that lesson is to cut the grass every week when it is sunny and has been raining.  It had been 2 weeks since our grass was cut and for the first 20 minutes, the lawn mower bag kept filling up and the lawn mower would just stop.  I probably had to empty the grass bag on the lawn mower about 7 times and ended up with about 1 and ¾ of the economy sized trash bags filled with grass by the end of it all!  On the bright side, I did get somewhat of a workout in with the grass cutting and lifting bag after bag of grass.  
For dinner we went to Miss Myra’s Pitt BBQ because I have never been there and it is a well known BBQ place.  I got the BBQ chicken breast, baked beans, and slaw.  Elizabeth highly recommended the peanut butter pie so I had to get a piece to try!  Miss Myra’s lived up to the hype I have heard about it.  I will definitely go back!  

Saturday was a great day!  Although I did not set aside time to exercise, I still got 18249 steps on my pedometer that day just from walking to surrounding restaurants and stores rather than driving.  Cutting the grass is pretty good exercise too!  

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