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Engagement Toast {BLT, Buffalo + Caprese Bites}

{Rainie} Friday was a pretty busy day at work and I was in a hurry to get home to finish up for my friend Becky's party so I forgot all about taking breakfast and lunch pictures. It was a busy pre-work day as well and I totally forgot a running photo with Virginia but we did run 4 miles together bright and early. Since my day involved breaking in to Virginia's house with a card (lock your deadbolt ladies, any common criminal could succeed), some yogurt, banana, and peanut butter--I will skip on to the important parts!

Becky started working with us as a travel nurse around two years ago. We completed the 20 days out of 30 challenge at Pure Barre together so we got a lot of bonding time. She is such a nice, loving, and  real person and hanging out with her is always fun. She recently got engaged and had a baby so when she told me she and her hubby Mike were coming in to town for the weekend, I couldn't wait to have a party in their honor. 

It was a very small "champagne toast" type party for the happy couple and all of the food was served on toast (thanks, Emily!). A few people from work brought champagne and wine to share with everyone and we had some really great options!

The drink of choice was Great Value brand natural sugar free strawberry lemonade (like Crystal Light but no artificial sweeteners) mixed with champagne. It was delicious!

I had such a blast using all of my new wedding gifts to host a party! I had three different toast options 1) BLT bites, consisted of chive and onion cream cheese mixed with cooked bacon then topped with tomatoes and lettuce on toast (a recipe from my MIL).

2) Buffalo Blue Cheese Bites consisted of 1 chicken breast cooked in a crockpot with 8 ounces of cream cheese and 1 cup of Frank's buffalo sauce. It was so great and one chicken breast went a long way! We topped them off with blue cheese because that's how everything buffalo should be topped.

3) Finally, we had Caprese bites with tomato, melted mozzarella, and basil with a dash of balsamic vinegar.

Do you see those cute mini dish tags? My friend Lauren's mom, Mama Shaw (as we call her) gifted them to us when she came to visit Lauren and Max in Bham. How sweet is that?!

It was time for a group photo! Congratulations to Becky and Mike!

We had reservations at 7:30 at Rogue Tavern so after a few pieces of toast, glasses of champagne, and good conversation, we walked over and met Lauren and Chris at a huge table. That's one thing I really like about Rogue, they always have room for big parties and are so willing to split checks!

I had the Black and Blue Salad and it was delicious! It was a tough call because they also have Black and Blue Sliders.

But, of course, I had to try Virginia's sweet potato fries. She was practicing portion control and shared with a lot of people. These fries had a caramel sauce over them that was tah die for!

After Rogue, we called it a night and woke up for a busy Saturday! The weekend is off to a great start!

What party toast would you make?!

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