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Secret Stages + What's on 2nd

Kathleen and I decided Friday would be our exercise off day. Virginia was off work because she is traveling to the mountains for the weekend so she opted for a solo run at home a little later in the morning. Since we didn't go to the gym, and I got the coveted broken meter parking spot at our loft, I decided to walk to work for a few extra steps. 

But first, breakfast: 

The last of my homemade yogurt with chia seeds, walnuts and a few chocolate chips added. 

Lunch was leftover salad from Taziki's. Drug reps brought lunch on Thursday so I took advantage of leftovers. I didn't take a picture because yesterday was one of the busiest I've had in a while!

Thursday, while we were brainstorming new names for a project we talked about beets...I really don't like them. I have tried about 3 times (now). The first was raw, on a salad bar...just not my thing. The second time was grilled beets, cut into shreds and on a salad-- I didn't hate that. Mary Lauren assured me I need to try them again for good measure. So she brought roasted beets and goat cheese to snack on yesterday. I have to admit, the first bite was downright gross, but I kept going, insisted to use my own advice on myself (try it 7 times), and by the 4th time, I really liked it (kind of). It may have been the goat cheese. I love goat cheese. 

There is only one food item I really don't like- mayonnaise. I have never made myself like it because it isn't really that good for you so I figure if I don't like it then that's probably best. I used to not like fish, but I made myself keep trying it and now I love it--unless it's really fishy tasting. 

If I know a food is healthy, I really try to like it, but I don't think I will be buying beets any time soon. Did you know beets are high in fiber, vitamin c and other antioxidants? A few studies over on PubMed suggest the nitrate concentration (not to be confused with nitrate from processed foods) can enhance exercise performance...and some studies say it doesn't---welcome to science! They will also stain your hands and make you think you're bleeding if you glance at it quickly! 

JT and I have been running around like crazy these past few weeks  months so we really tried to keep it low key Friday night. He is working today so we had to turn down a fun invite to a music festival with our friends. We planned on eating a pizza that JT picked out at Fresh Market last Tuesday, added a side salad, and called it dinner. I really love cooking, but there is something wonderful about an easy dinner on a weekend night. 

After dinner, we walked around our neighborhood to check out Secret Stages. I don't know much about it but it is a music festival in Birmingham where up and coming, largely unknown, bands play on various stages set up around the city. A pretty cool concept that you can learn more about over on my friend Lauren's blog Something Lovely. We actually ran into her and Max on the street and saw her super impressive "Press" badge! Check out her recap after this weekend. I'm sure it is going to be great!

I have always wanted to peek inside "What's on 2nd" since my dad told me it's one of his favorite shops downtown. He has worked in Birmingham for over 20 years so he found a few places he likes. The store closes at 6 each night so we haven't had a chance to go by...he stayed open later due to the festivities so we wandered around checking out old figurines, games, lamps, photos, ads, and our favorite- records! We picked out some Elvis (naturally) and I'm listening to the concert series as we speak.

We came back home to watch a movie and found Pretty Woman, which JT has never seen! What?! We had a snack of strawberry "frozen Greek yogurt". I always put yogurt in the freezer so it can thaw to a perfect consistency for lunch and make good froyo when blended. I put 2 containers into the Ninja with 1/2 a banana and 1/2 cup milk and we shared the end result.

The movie was ending as the Baron's game was ending, so we skipped the last of the film to catch the Friday night Fireworks. We admired the Blue Moon while walking to a spot to see the show. 

The best seat in the house!

We could really see better than this picture  suggests, but the best part is hearing the echo of the fireworks off the city buildings. I'm short so JT probably had a better view.

On our walk back, we admired Morris Avenue. It is a cute little street that goes under the bridge and looked so retro in black and white. 

Back to those beets, how do you like them prepared? Or do you?
Remember to check out Something Lovely!

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