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Friday Fun and a Saturday Short

{Rainie} Friday morning we mixed our route up a bit and ran from my apartment to UAB campus. We stopped for some frightening photo opps with Blaze...

I really love downtown runs because we get to start later since we are so close to work. My favorite part about them is the morning coffee, getting ready, chattering that ensues. We had a piece of this yellow meated watermelon that is still left over and came to the general consensus that red is the way to go.


I think Kathleen enjoys the opportunity to watch her friends on the Today show. She knows them pretty well.

{photo cred: Kathleen}
The girls left before I did because I still needed to pack a bag to change clothes at work. I was so busy talking that I forgot I hadn't eaten breakfast so I blended a frozen banana, vanilla protein powder and cinnamon for a quick smoothie. Some studies suggest cinnamon can help improve cholesterol levels. I just like the flavor it adds to vanilla and chocolate--anything, really!

Friday was a pretty busy day since I was still covering and I had 20,000 steps by the time I got off work! Lunch was eaten with clinnuts, but in a rush. I packed and photographed it that morning. Leftover summer veggies, 2 mini Babybel light cheeses, and my new favorite water: Dasani sparkling.

JT picked me up from work and we headed to the new Killingsworth family's rehearsal dinner. Isn't this a beautiful church? 

Riverchase United Methodist Church
The boys were to get ready in the kid's room. Coincidence?

I forgot to take a picture of my meal and figured it would have been frowned up at the dinner table anyway, but did go back out to grab a photo of food for you. We had baked chicken, salad, macaroni and cheese, and vegetables. I drank two glasses of wine and skipped dessert. 

There were so many great speeches, but I snapped a pic of Ryan's dad during his sweet speech.

Then, of course, a mirror selfie with my own handsome husband! Hard to believe we were doing all of these same festivities for ourselves just 3 months ago! 

Speaking of, we finally got our wedding photos back and ready to get printed so be sure to check back soon for those!

I didn't want to post rehearsal pictures on Friday because it would spoil the church for the wedding go-ers. Kathleen is blogging about a fun filled Saturday, but I had to share some pictures from Ryan and Angie's beautiful wedding!

The reception was held at the Florentine building in downtown Birmingham. It was a wonderful venue! The food and service was great and the atmosphere was airy and fun! After having my own wedding I appreciate all the work that goes into it so much more and notice the details from flowers to lighting!

What do you notice most at weddings?

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