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Food, Friends, and Family

{Virginia} This weekend, my friend Whitney came from Chicago to visit!  Whitney and I used to work together in Birmingham and she is one of my favorite people.  She is such a thoughtful friend and her hilarious personality always makes things fun!  This morning when we got up, we just sat on the porch, had coffee and homemade granola bars and chatted until we went for a run.  I got my granola bar recipe from the minimalist baker blog and the recipe only has 5 ingredients unless you add dark chocolate chips as a sixth ingredient which is what I did!  I had to substitute dates with raisins because I didn't have any dates at home and the raisins worked just fine.  

Whitney is training for a marathon and ran 16 miles on Saturday (wow!) so we just went for a short 3 mile jog around my neighborhood.  We got ready and went to brunch at the restaurant Five where we met up with Rainie, Emily, Jeanna, Ashley, and Mary Lauren. 

I ordered the Fritata (eggs, peppers, onion, and garlic with a goat cheese drizzle on top) with a side of avocado toast and it was delicious!  

The avocado toast tasted very fresh and had the perfect amount of heat in it.  Needless to say, this was a very filling meal!

After brunch, Ashley, Whitney, and I went to my all time favorite store...Target!  I literally get everything from Target!  I got a few shirts on sale, Ashley got an adorable dress, and Whitney got some new PJ's.  

After I dropped Whitney off at the airport, I went to my sister's house for family night.  Family night is just our fancy name for me going to my sister and brother in law's house on Sundays.  I look forward to to family night every week!  We have delicious food but the best part is the great company and being with my family!  My sister has always been my best friend.  She is truly amaxing, selfless, and an incredible mom to my precious nephews!  I think that one of the very best parts of eating a meal is the relationship aspect of sitting down at the table and eating with family or a good friend!  Lyle, my brother in law, is an incredible cook and griller!  On the family night menu tonight, we have steak, sweet potato, sour crown biscuits, and broccoli with sauce (light mayonnaise, mustard, and lemon juice).

The steaks were cooked to perfection!  

After dinner, we had dessert.  I saw these in the store and just had to try them!  They were a big hit and we could not believe that these bars only have 100 calories because they are very rich tasting!

I played with my precious nephews, Preston and Anderson, until it was time to go home to get some sleep to get rested up for work tomorrow!  

This is the best selfie I have been able to get with all 3 of us in it.  I love these boys so much!

...and that wraps up another great weekend! 

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