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Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla

I was supposed to meet the Be Well girls Thursday morning for Pilates at 6 a.m., but around the time I was leaving, the hubs got the call saying he could come in late because of the weather. I cancelled on the girls with plans to eat breakfast with my hubby, but instead, fell back to sleep and started my morning 1.5 hours later with some chia pudding. Virginia and Kathleen really liked the class so I'll join them next week!

I have seen chia pudding on a lot of sites lately but have never tried it. I was checking out the fridge last night and realized I had 1/2 cup of coconut milk left over with no plans for it so I added 3 tablespoons of chia seeds to it and left it overnight. I added a few walnuts in the morning and only ate half of it since it is a pretty high calorie mixture of around 500 calories for 1/2 cup. I wasn't a huge fan- I'll need to tweak that recipe a bit, but it was fast and easy!

Lunch was a succotash type dish from the leftover corn and black eyed peas JT made for dinner Wednesday night. I added cucumbers, tomatoes, purple onion, and white vinegar to the corn and peas and put it in the fridge for the night. It was really good and very filling. I had a sparkling water and a peach alongside it. 

Kathleen made some dark chocolate and brought a piece for me to try! She mixed 1/2 cup coconut oil, 1/2 cup cocoa and 1/4 cup maple syrup and let it harden before cutting it into squares. I think it was better than Dove!

Then, we went back to the floor via the stairs.  Kathleen and I like to inflict torture on trainees and students by making them take the stairs with us...kidding! We just always do and I usually forget to ask if they mind! Oops! We decided to get a picture because we were all laughing about the previous conversation. Except Sally...

Kathleen: "What floor are you going to?"
Me: "10, what about you?"
Kathleen: "9"
Sally: "You guys, this is only the 3rd floor."

Snack was the usual Greek yogurt, but this time I ate while reading the article I contributed to in the Birmingham Parent magazine. Pick up your free copy today and find some tips on healthy lunch packing!

After work, I went home to find my stay at home husband for the day had done a lot of cleaning and picture hanging! I think I'll keep him! Dinner was a last minute decision. I have been a little wishy-washy these days--I've got to reign that in! We were going to go out to eat but I felt guilty since we still had groceries and leftovers. But, we really didn't have great groceries or enough leftovers so I just couldn't decide what I would make.

When in doubt, quesadillas can always help use up those leftovers! The only problem was that we had no tortillas either and I was nervous JT wouldn't like my pitas! He decided they make a pretty good quesadilla, but then again, what doesn't taste good with melted cheese? We had buffalo chicken quesadillas on Joseph's pita. I put leftover grilled chicken from Tuesday's dinner. I had to show you the dinner because JT was sad that it is never my day to blog when he cooks. So here is the photo proof of what my country boy cooks.

Tuesday Dinner by JT
So I took that leftover chicken and heated it in a skillet with Frank's RedHot sauce. On another skillet, I heated the pita, filled it with Blue Cheese and Pepper Jack (because that's what we had) and added the warm chicken. Finally, I closed the pita and flipped it until both sides were golden and the cheese was melted. I added lettuce and more hot sauce before I ate.

Then, I made cookies. I said I wasn't going to, but how could I turn down the request after he had worked so hard at home all day. I caved, made them and we spent the evening with thank you cards, cookies, wine, and a presidential debate. Pretty successful evening if you ask me!

What is your favorite thing to make into a quesadilla?

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