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Another Tuesday Morning with Molly

{Rainie} Virginia and I went to class this morning sans Kathleen (she enjoyed a much needed rest day). It was the usual Tuesday Torture Love/Hate relationship we always have with Molly. After the class we were trying to decide on a blog photo when I asked Molly to join in. She said "if you want a 51 year old in your picture". "Wait, what?! 51?" Each week the three of us discuss how we want to be as fit a Molly one day but we never took guesses on her age... Virginia and I were thinking maybe early forties...maybe... but not fifties! 

To say she is impressive is an understatement. She is strong, encouraging, and is the perfect amount of 5:30 am chipper-ness each week. 

At home, I discovered someone sleeping in. Thanks to the rain, JT got to go in late so we had smoothies together for breakfast. Watermelon + protein for me; Strawberry greek yogurt + protein for him. 

Midmorning snack is a must on days that follow Molly's morning workouts so I packed a banana with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter and enjoyed it around 10:30. 

Lunch was an unpictured salad. Boy, it was good, though--watermelon, goat cheese, and cucumber. I forgot to pack dressing so I left it off. Weird, I know, but I reasoned that by the time I got to the cafeteria to get vinegar I would have used more calories than the vinegar would provide. I was hungry and tired.  I was rushed and super busy all morning and ate quickly to make it in time for an in-service. Once I got back to my desk I had some frozen, then thawed Greek Coconut yogurt. 

After work I went to Fresh Market to take advantage of their $2.99 Tuesdays where chicken breasts are $2.99 a pound. I stocked up because I don't like to go every week. Plus, the sweet guy behind the counter told me they may be increasing to $3.99 Tuesdays. Dang inflation. JT and I made homemade chicken alfredo a few weeks back and it was delicious. We used the recipe from my SkinnyTaste cookbook as a guide. This time, we had Fresh Market jar alfredo sauce. I'm not proud, but I also can't waste and JT picked it up last time we were there. We used whole grain penne noodles, grilled chicken with bell peppers and then mixed in the sauce. A side salad and red wine rounded out the meal. 

Not a bad Tuesday! Tonight, the Be Well girls are coming over for dinner and to study for the PT exam so Wednesday isn't looking too bad either!

 I only like to get meat from good sources so I take full advantage of discounted prices! Where do you buy meat?

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