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A Sunny Saturday + Corey Smith

{Kathleen}Saturday morning I was up early to go for a walk with the pups, my sister Kaitlin and my mom. We did 3 miles on the hills around our neighborhood which is always a great workout. I think Kate and Riley might have panted for an hour when we got back trying to cool off!

When we got back I made my self a smoothie for breakfast. It was very refreshing and it helped me cool off! I combined some blueberries, 1/2 banana,  papaya  and a little almond milk and water. I also had some toast with some Skippy Natural's peanut butter and honey spread on top.  I drank some coffee, of course :)


After breakfast I rode Virginia and Katie to meet Brooke and Chris for a fun filled day by the pool. Rainie also met us up there but drove separately as she had a wedding later that night. It was about 95 and sunny making for a perfect pool day :)

Chris and Brooke are such great hosts! They grilled burgers and everyone brought sides to go along. I opted for a burger with no bun and just piled all the fixin's on top! It was all so delicious, especially the orzo salad (made by Katie) and the fresh fruit salad (by VA).


Definitely enjoyed the cream cheese + pepper jelly appetizer

I think my favorite part was the slide though! Virginia and I also did some poolside competition, bringing back the "pencil" and the "hurkey"! I'm pretty sure Virginia won both of those...I tend to be a little uncoordinated at these things. My excuse is that I have about 8 more inches of legs to coordinate.

We spent the day chatting in the pool soaking up some sun. I'm so glad Brooke and Chris invited us up for the day!

Katie, Virginia and I drove back to Birmingham to go to the Corey Smith concert that night. We picked up a former #clinnut Whitney on the way back.  Whitney lives in Chicago and she was in town for another friends baby shower that day and was going to hang out with us for the night. Whitney is one of the funniest people I know, I was glad I got to catch up with her!

We all got back to Katie's apartment. and made pizzas and salads for dinner. Virgina has this awesome recipe that I first tried when we had pizza night for my birthday a few months ago. It was definitely a hit so we decided to bring it back for dinner again last night! Its delicious and super simple.

Pizza Recipe: 1. Spread out your pizza crust. 2. Add a layer of fig preserves  3. Add Mozzarella cheese.  4. Bake @ 350 for about 15 minutes.  5.Take the pizzas out and then add the prosciutto and put back in the oven for a few more minutes. Be sure not to bake the pizza too long with the prosciutto as it will be very tough if overcooked.

We also enjoyed the recent favorite cocktail "The Virginia" (diet ginger ale + Deep Eddy's ) while we were waiting for the concert to start.

By "go to" the concert, I actually mean the concert was in the street below their apartment so we opted to save the ticket fee and listen from the balcony. It was also nice to have chairs to sit and enjoy the concert, vs. the standing mosh pit of people (yes I know I am getting old). We could hear great! It was also an awesome show, took me back to my college years when I listened to good ol Corey Smith.

Such a fun Saturday with the #clinnuts ! 

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