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Watermelon Protein Smoothie

Most summer mornings I make a smoothie of some kind. I love how refreshing they are after a morning run, and how quick they are too (especially after I spend too much time leisurely drinking coffee). My friend's mom was recently telling me how she blended watermelon and ice together for a delicious drink. I thought that sounded like a perfect opportunity to make a breakfast out of my left over watermelon. I added French Vanilla protein powder (1 scoop) to a cup of watermelon and got a wonderful breakfast out of the deal. I've been trying to get my hands on every watermelon in sight since then. 

1) Blend 1-1.5 cups fresh watermelon with 1 scoop Vanilla protein powder until smooth. That's it!

The hubs and I just got back from playing basketball at the YMCA and I could really use a watermelon smoothie now! Don't be fooled, by "play" I mean I ran around and made 1 shot. I'm so bad. 

Did you know that early explorers first used watermelons as canteens? How cool is that?! Now, for the more important information: watermelon has more lycopene than tomatoes, has lots of fiber,vitamins A and C, and even potassium! It's super refreshing since 91% of a watermelon is...well...water. Some studies  (albeit very small studies) even show it can soothe muscle soreness--probably because of the way it increases circulation. 

As if we needed reasons to eat more watermelon! I just love it and have been known to eat it atop a cucumber, with goat cheese, mint, and a little balsamic for lunch. Trust me-- it's delicious and filling!

What is your favorite summertime fruit?

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  1. I am off the the shop now to get some water melon. Thanks for the great idea. Enjoy your day.