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The Funky Monkey

Friday morning started with a solo 3mile run as both my running buddies are now both at the beach :(
I ran from my house to the lakes in my neighborhood and back which is a great 3mile route. It rained so much here Thursday it cooled it off some; It was only about 75 degrees! Something about morning runs too, they are just so peaceful, but I did miss talking with Rainie and Virginia.

After my run I showered and got ready for work and enjoyed my usual overnight oats on the way to work. I was out of yogurt this morning so I just used milk instead and added chia seeds to make it a  yogurt consistency.

Recipe: 1 cup milk + 1tbsp chia seeds + 1Tbsp raisins + 1-2Tbsp walnuts + 1/4 cup oats. Be sure to let it sit overnight to let the oats and chia seeds absorb some of the milk and thicken up. I prefer yogurt usually but when I'm out this makes a great alternative.
---Sorry its not pictured, I ate it before I remembered to snap a pic!

Morning snack: homemade granola bar

Lunch: Spinach salad + Hemp Hearts + Feta cheese + Red Bell Pepper + Vinaigrette dressing
Sorry, thats not pictured either, work was pretty busy so by the time I got to eat lunch I inhaled it completly forgetting to take a photo

Snacks: banana and some PB

After work I headed straight to my friends Katie and Emily's apt. to get ready for the 9th annual Camp Smile a Mile Funky Monkey Party. Camp SAM is a camp for kids with cancer and it allows them to attend summer camp like any other kid. One of our friends Brooke is on the junior board for Camp SAM. We all went last year and it was fun so when Brooke mentioned it again this year we were all game!  It is a fundraiser for the camp and it has a silent auction, live auction, food, beer, wine, and dancing! I think my favorite part was the photo booth though!

Its was at the Regions Baseball Field in one of their upper event rooms which had a great view of the field and the city! It was quite a fun night, and I am so grateful for the #clinnuts!

Happy Friday!

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