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Make Yourself a Flippin' Quesadilla

On mornings when I get up as JT leaves I have extra time to either run, blog, or clean. I already had a run scheduled with the girls this afternoon so cleaning won the time slot. Today, as I cleaned, my thoughts drifted to my mission trip days. 

The first time I ever went to Honduras, I noticed their unique grass-cutting method. Men were on their hands and knees trimming blades of grass by swiftly swinging a machete back and forth. A lawn mower is not a luxury they are familiar with. Mopping our large floor with a small Swiffer reminded me of those hard working men (on a much smaller scale, of course)! 

Really, that shouldn't be a valid comparison, but you get what I'm saying...Small Swiffer, big floor. There must be a better way, right?

I have used a Shark, regular mop, and vacuum in the past, but I think a Swiffer gets the dust up better. It's just so tiny. Any suggestions for more efficient floor care?

An hour later I had worked up an appetite and a hatred for large spaces.  I went to the kitchen for more coffee and a morning smoothie to turn the morning around. Frozen banana + Coconut Chobani (also frozen) + 1/2 cup water + 2 teaspoons cocoa powder, blended to perfection with my Ninja. 

Then, I packed my lunch using yet another wedding gift. One can never have too many containers. Unless one can never find the lids, in which case, one can definitely have too many containers. 

Yesterday, JT just ran to the store to return a Redbox DVD. An hour later we had groceries we didn't know we needed. Great news for me and this delicious watermelon, goat cheese, peach, and Spring Mix lettuce salad combination I had for lunch today. Topped with Newman's Own Raspberry Walnut vinaigrette that I mixed with extra balsamic vinegar to keep at work for the week.

Followed by walnuts (that are too expensive per JT) and the last of my dark chocolate Ghirardelli chips that I keep in the freezer. You know, for emergencies.

Also for emergencies, the soy latte I had after lunch. Much needed caffeine jolt from the coffee cart. Trying not to get used to that.

Afternoon clinic resulted in sharing a small package of Goldfish with a coworker and half a small ice cream sandwich. I'm not proud, but I was in clinic during protein 30 (aka 3:30) so I couldn't have my usual snack. It serves as a nice reminder to always be prepared with healthy food choices so I don't cave at the sight of 4pm chocolate!

We stomped out our usual route after work. I missed this social hour yesterday! It is one of my favorite parts of the day. We noticed the light tunnel today and took advantage of the photo opp. 

Then, we noticed the dark clouds and decided we may need to speed up!

We just might be fast runners after all! We finished the route before the rain started. 

Dinner was quesadillas! Chicken, low carb tortilla, Pepper Jack cheese, roasted corn (Fidel grown!), and onions. I topped mine with salsa and avocado. JT topped his with cheese dip...I'm judging. 

After dinner, I got started on my Thank you cards from the wedding gifts. JT wrote quite a few himself. Every time I cook and use shiny new kitchenware, I am reminded of the kindness and generosity everyone showed us during our wedding season. Then, I feel guilty for not sending the cards sooner and I scurry to write more until my handwriting gets worse than a doctor's and I decide to finish tomorrow night. I actually really like writing them--it gives me the perfect time to reminisce over such a fun time! I'll finish them...tomorrow. Emily Post said I have 3 months post wedding. I like her. 

Back to the floors, how can I clean them??

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