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Selma Riverrats

{Kathleen} Friday after work Virginia, Emily, Katie and I all left work together and headed for Virginia's hometown Selma. Virginia's parents invited us down for a relaxing weekend at their house which is also conveniently located on the Alabama River. We had a full weekend of relaxing, tubing, water skiing, and soaking up some sunshine planned.

Friday night we got there just in time to fix a cocktail (more about that later) and load the boat and head to dinner at The Sandbar, a restaurant located right on the river. We sat outside with a great view of the river and all enjoyed a beer, burger and fries.

Virginia and I both opted to try Redd's Strawberry Ale and while it was good both of us agreed it was a little sweet for our taste, definitely not similar to a beer.  Virginia got the classic cheeseburger, while I opted for the burger with bleu cheese and onions. I think the whole table opted for a side of sweet potato fries, which were as good as they sound.

Coctail Recipe-- Deep Eddy's Ruby Red Vodka (grapefruit flavor) + 12oz. diet ginerale = the most amazing and refreshing cocktail (I may or may not have drank 3 on saturday!)

When we got back we all enjoyed some brownies (The Original from The Blue Eyed Baker )for dessert that I had brought and then headed to bed.

Saturday we slept in a little, got up drank some coffee, and ate pound cake for breakfast, yes you heard right, pound cake for breakfast. I personally have never done this but Virginia, Katie and Emily have all done this on special occasions growing up and wanted me to try it. It was about as delicious as it sounded. Not only was it pound cake but it was toasted buttered pound cake as if pound cake wasn't buttery enough itself right? :) We also had some fresh fruit, the summer peaches in the south are the best!

Then we took a little tour around Selma, the highlight being seeing the worlds largest alligator caught in the Alabama river! it was over 1000lbs and over 15 feet long! They had it on display in the Co-op so we had to stop by and see and of course sign their guestbook. After our tour of Selma we headed back to the house ate a quick lunch and then headed out on the boat.

Virginia's dad was taking us up and down the river letting us tube and water ski. Lets just say Virginia and her mom water skied while the rest of us stuck with tubing :) I did give water skiing a try but it was going to take some time for me to learn so I decided just to enjoy tubing for now. It was a blast though! I may or may not be a little hoarse now from all the squealing I did on the tube. Once all pot our arms were about to fall off we enjoyed just floating on noodles in the river, chatting, and eating watermelon, what a rough saturday we had ;)

      Virginia's parents cooked us quite the dinner saturday night,  her dad goes trout fishing and had brought us back some fresh trout to have. I have never had trout before, so it took a little lesson prior to eating it (on how to skin it) but it was quite delicious!

Her mom also made tomato pies for an appetizer and they were delicious. I have never had these but whats not to love about pie crust + tomato + cheesy goodness ?!

And of course we had a delicious salad made by Virginia as a side. She makes the best salads! Toppings included: blueberry + craisins + candied walnuts + strawberries with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing!

Sunday morning we slept in, drank coffee, ate some breakfast and then Virginia and I headed out for a run. It was quite steamy, it was only 10am but already about 90 degrees with 1000% humidity but it felt great!

When we got back we ate lunch and then headed out for an afternoon on the river. It was over 90 degrees but felt great in the river and on the boat when we were moving. We did some more tubing and Virginia and her mom showed off their skills and did double water skiing with two ropes behind the boat! It was a great afternoon soaking up the last bit of sun before heading back to Bham.

Virginia's parents are the cutest and sweetest people and I was so grateful they invited us down for such a fun and relaxing weekend! I'm also grateful for some co-workers who also make awesome friends :)

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