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Reunion Dinner

{Rainie}I woke up pretty late yesterday morning and I'm blaming it on melatonin. When will I learn that I do not need any help sleeping!? I was too late to fit in a morning run, so I made a smoothie while I got ready for work. The mix was 1 cup cold coffee, 1 scoop French Vanilla protein powder, and 1 frozen banana blended with 6 coffee ice cubes. 

Holy Frappuccino- it was good! Each morning I make a pot of coffee and drink 2 cups. After work, I pour the leftover (now cool) coffee into a mason jar and keep it in the refrigerator for iced coffee and smoothies later on. I also keep an ice cube tray filled with coffee for coffee ice cubes that won't water down my iced coffees. 
I finished my smoothie while I walked to work. 

Clinic was crazy busy (Type 2 day!) so by the time lunch came around I wished I had more food. I had a cup of light cottage cheese with the last of my summer tomatoes from the farmer's market, 2 cuties, and pickles. I recently found these pickles and, while they are about a dollar more per jar, I like the fact that they leave out the artificial coloring. They look and taste more like homemade pickles. 

The hospital is always cold, so I usually like something warm in the afternoon. I started this hot cocoa tradition years ago when I started working and although, I rarely make it now, I enjoyed a cup yesterday. I mix 1 tablesppon of plain cocoa with 1 ounce container of half and half, 3 Splenda's, and hot water for a warm and sweet afternoon treat.

I literally ran home from work to change for dinner. I am spoiled these days and love my group runs with friends so this solo run was less than exciting. Thankfully, I only ran home so it wasn't long enough for me to actually talk to my shadow.

 Then, I got home to this hard-working stud...

Despite his sweaty day's work in the sun, he managed to bring home some delicious garden treats. So I snacked on blueberries while I got ready for dinner.
In Jasper, if you are going out to eat, you are eating Mexican. Don't get me wrong, you can choose the Mexican restaurant you would prefer, but you will be at a Mexican restaurant. Luckily, Thursday is half priced margarita and draught beer. I had the pollo loco, which is grilled chicken with rice and veggies. I don't like rice, so I ask for no rice, double veggies. I also had chips, salsa, and queso along with a draught XX. I remembered to take a picture halfway through my meal...oops.
We have all been best friends since elementary school and Brittany is soon to be moving to New York with her military husband, so we rounded the troops for a reunion dinner. It is always so fun to have people who know everything about each other together at one table. We laughed with the moms and reminisced over old things and talked about new things. We decided this mother daughter dinner night should be a monthly occurance.

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