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Peaches + Bubba's Philly Cheesesteak

{Rainie} Yesterday morning was exceptionally grueling at the YMCA. The instructor's arm muscles made the men in the class look weak. She was great and awful at the same time.

Tis the season of peaches so I blended some with a frozen banana and some vanilla protein powder. I felt kind of bad because peaches are so great they don't really even deserve to be blended- a method I typically reserve for almost too old fruit- but they made a great peach smoothie that would rival Chick Fil A. Ok, not really, but it is much healthier!

I took some pretty pictures...

Then packed my lunch. All while sipping coffee. I had the same thing as yesterday because if you find a good thing, why change it? 

Then, I poured my pretty smoothie into a to-go cup, topped it with light whipped cream and finished it on my walk to work--which was especially hot today.

One of my coworkers, Stephanie, brought me an organic, home grown tomato from her neighbor because she has too many. How sweet is that? I didn't eat it yesterday, but it was too thoughtful not to share!

Snack is not pictured, but happened around 3:30 per usual. I ate a cutie and a mini Babybel light mozzarella cheese. 

After work, my old roommate, Joey, (aka my brother) came by to work on a project idea we have for the future! I can fit so much more in the afternoon when I work out in the morning!

Dinner was Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches. Yes, we ate beef two nights in a row, but when I bought it Sunday, the butcher told me he had just cut it so I feel like letting it sit in the refrigerator for a week would not do justice to the cow who sacrificed his life.

When I was about 13, my parents opened a restaurant called Bubba's where I got my first real food prepping experience. My friends and I worked there for $3 an hour and I still remember beating the meat with a meat tenderizer, then seasoning it before cooking it on the grill while toasting the bun and sautéing the onions and peppers. It was the most multitasking my young kitchen hands had experienced and I really enjoyed the fast paced style cooking. I can still feel the familiar sting of the grease when it gets a little too hot and the pain of the "grill brick" we had to use to scrub the grill top every night. That grill brick was the worst! But those days taught me what hard work looks like and my friends and I worked together cleaning and cooking our young summer nights away. We actually didn't hate it. Ah, how naive we were.

Those were also the days my body learned how to store fat more efficiently! We were working hard, but we were piling on the calories in butter and cheese. I used to eat slices of the American cheese if I got a little hungry. Today, I realized that cheese is 90 calories a slice! 

I have told JT stories of our Bubba's days and how the Philly Cheesesteak was the best I have ever had (even if I did make it myself)! I even tried to recreate it once in college but I bought Provolone cheese instead of American and it made more of a difference than I ever though possible. This time, I hit the jackpot. I even lightened it up a bit by skipping the butter-the-bread step, and butter on the vegetables. That will save around 200 calories! I also made mine an open faced sandwich to shave off 100 calories from the bread alone. I have yet to find a good whole wheat sub bun option so I still go with the white bread for now. Any suggestions? I added lettuce to the side and ate it all with a fork. It was delicious! And just like Bubba's. You know, with half the bun and all. JT, on the other hand got the full experience. 

Finally, a little unhealthy baking took place while JT watches sports at his friend's house. This time, the baking is a gift and I'm actually not going to be the one eating it--- wish me luck!

What was your first job?

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