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Orange Beach

For the past 8 years my family has been going on the "Anderson/Radford beach trip" with my brother in law's family.  This is something I love because I get to go to the beach with some of my absolute favorite people!  Also this year was fun because my 2 nephews were there and Preston (almost 3 years old) LOVES the sand and the water.  Anderson is only 7 months old but loved napping on the beach.  It was such a fun, relaxing trip!  

The Anderson/Radford crew! 

Preston and "Gran" (my mom) enjoying watermelon on the beach!  

Preston said:  "make me a brachiosaurus" so this is what he got... 

I ate so much good seafood that I am just going to highlight a few restaurants/meals.
1.  Shipps Harbour Grill:  I ordered the coconut grouper with smoked Gouda mashed potatoes, green beans, and a house salad. This was definitely my favorite meal of the trip and probably ranks pretty high on my list of all time favorites as well! 

2.  Ginny Lane:  I had the special which was salmon over mashed potatoes and green beans and it was cooked perfectly and the flavor was great as well.  The part I want to highlight from this meal was dessert.  We shared the white chocolate bread pudding and it was a hit!  If you ever want REALLY good bread pudding, I would recommend getting it from Ginny Lane!   
3.  Cayman Grill:  I got the wood grilled red snapper with lemon risotto and mixed vegetables.  The lemon risotto was amazing, I really want the recipe!  
4.  Wolf Bay Lodge:  My broiled scallops, sweet potato fries and green beans were delicious!  These were probably the best sweet potato fries I have ever had!  

Shrimp dinner at the condo:  It is a tradition for my parents to cook BBQ shrimp each year and this is a meal I look forward to all year!  It is shrimp with a blend of delicious spices and lots of butter (I never knew how much butter it had in it until this year and it is a much that I can't even put it on the blog!).  One of the best parts is dipping French bread in the spice/butter mixture.  Mom also makes homemade key lime pies for dessert every year and I think the ones she made this year were the best yet!  The leftover shrimp was peeled and made into shrimp salad for lunch for the next day.  

During the day we ate in the condo.  My wonderful mom cooked so many delicious foods for us to have for lunch.  We had homemade chicken salad (my Granny's recipe which in my opinion is the best chicken salad there is).  Mom also made pimento cheese and her recipe makes it light and fluffy which I love.  We had West Indies salad and boiled shrimp one day for lunch which was quite a treat!  If you have never had West Indies salad, you are missing out because it is a delicious oil/vinegar based crab salad that is made mostly of jumbo lump crab meat!  I can't forget about the pound cake and strawberry shortcake toppings.  We also had a huge bowl of fresh cut fruit that lasted the majority of the week.  

Well I think that's a pretty good overview of my beach trip, can't wait to go back in about a month for a long weekend over Labor Day!  

Almost forgot to mention that I did get in some exercise at the beach.  Lyle (my brother in law) and I ran about 3.3 miles twice and I ran 2.5 miles and did 12 flights of stairs one day as well.  I went on at least a 3 mile beach walk on the days that I didn't run (except for 1 lazy day).  

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