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It feels like July!

I just could not make myself get out of bed this morning so instead of being late for work, I decided that an on the go breakfast was the way to go to get me out the door faster so I had a Kashi chocolate almond sea salt bar and a peach.  Of course I had my morning coffee (1 Splenda and hazelnut coffee creamer).  I also drink about a liter of water each morning before work because I am just thirsty in the morning.  

A mid-morning snack was a must today! I gave a presentation at work during lunch which means that I could either do an early lunch or have a snack and push lunch back. I opted for a snack and a later lunch.  Snack:  pretzel crisps with cheese cubes

For lunch I had southwestern black bean, quinoa, and mango salad (recipe from  Quinoa salad is great to make and have on hand for lunch during the week!  I had a honeycrisp apple and peanut butter to satisfy my sweet tooth with a healthy choice.  

My mom was in town today so I went over to my sister's house to see her.  We had a delicious dinner of chicken tetrazzini with a side salad (romaine lettuce, tomato, Apple, light poppyseed salad dressing).  My brother in law picked us up some no sugar added sea salt caramel ice cream for dessert because he knows that we have a sweet tooth (so thoughtful!).  The best part of dinner was sitting around the table with my mom, sister, brother in law, and 2 precious nephews!  

12 oz coffee
Diet Coke 12 oz
Diet Sunkist 12 oz 
Water 110 oz
32 oz Powerade Zero

For exercise today, I went on a 4 mile run with Kathleen and Rainie.  It definitely feels like July out there...HOT!  I always look forward to our afternoon jogs, the time just flies by!  It is a 2 for 1 getting my exercise in and catch up with great friends!  

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