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Hemp Hearts and Visiting Mr. Grayson

{Kathleen} Today started early when my alarm went off at 4:30, of course I hit snooze a few times but finally made my self get out of bed at 4:44 to be exact :). I had plans to meet Virginia and Rainie at the Shades Valley YMCA for a 5:30 Y-Cross class. One of our other co-workers Kayla also goes to this class and she says it is tough, the teacher Kim is what Kayla calls a "lady beast". Thats not exactly the  nickname I would like to achieve, however I do like a challenging workout, and that it was for sure.

The workout was set up in 10 different circuits and the first time around you go for a minute and a half and the second time around you go for a minute. It was a mixture of cardio/weight moves with anything from jogging with a weight held above your head, tricep dips, box jumps, planks on the stability ball to just some standard weighted squats. Lets just say I will definitely be sore tomorrow.

We thought it was a 1 hour class and it was actually 45minutes, and some of my workout buddies (those who shall not be named ) were 10-15minutes late for the class so they felt like we needed a little extra cardio at the end (nothing like a little peer pressure to keep you going). Virginia and Rainie ran an extra mile on the treadmill while I hit up the stairclimber for 10minutes. Then Virginia and I showered at the Y while Rainie (the downtown loft dweller ) headed home to shower there.

Breakfast was eaten when I got to work. It was my favorite way to eat over night oats, right out of the peanut butter jar , getting all that left over peanut butter at the bottom! I combined the usual oats, yogurt, raisins and walnuts and mixed them all up the night before.

I was starving by 10am, which tends to happen when I get up so early so I ate a homemade granola bar.

Lunch (sorry not pictured) was one of my usual salads. Spinach + bleu cheese + yellow bell pepper + basalmic vinaigrette dressing. I did add something new today though, Hemp Hearts (simply raw shelled hemp seed)! They add a nutty flavor so I don't add any nuts to my salads. They are great on salads, I haven't tried them on anything else yet but the bag suggests in cereal, yogurt, salad or just eat on their own. I add about 1Tbsp. to my salad which has 55 calories, 5 grams fat, 4 grams protein, 1 gram fiber, and 1gram carb. I also enjoyed an afternoon coffee from ABP with some half and half and Splenda.

Midafternoon snack: Banana and PB

After work my mom and I headed over to one of my best friends house, she had a baby 2 weeks ago and we were bringing her dinner. Liz and I have been friends since 9th grade when we were in choir together. She loves my mom's pasta salad and chicken salad so we brought that and some good summer watermelon. Rainie made a dessert for them and sent it with me. She made a chocolate bundt cake with a coffee and walnut icing! She was nervous about not tasting it before giving it to someone, but I reassured her what could not taste good about butter, sugar, chocolate, coffee and walnuts ???!! I'm sure it tasted amazing! We stayed and visited for a little while and took turns holding Grayson, who is just adorable!

When my mom and I got back home we ate dinner. I fixed a salad with a Kale base + small amount of leftover chicken salad + bleu cheese + sautéed mushrooms and onions with a vinegarette dressing. I also had some celery and peanut butter and watermelon while I was cooking my mushrooms and onions!

Now off to pack for the lake! Rainie's bday is tomorrow and a group of us are all heading to the lake tomorrow after work for the weekend to celebrate! It will be fun and should be good weather, typical Alabama summer,  98 degrees and sunny!!

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