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Fireworks and Candles

This weekend was filled with friends, family, and fun on the 4th of July. The 4th has long been one of my favorite holidays. I love the pride and enthusiasm everyone shares for our country on that day (especially in today's world, since it's increasingly hard to come by). 

This year, we planned a cookout at Joey's lake house. He buys houses to fix up (as well as selling Real Estate) and this may be his best house yet! Have a look for yourself!

It may look like Jeff was just the float king, but he was also the grill master! He slaved over a hot grill all afternoon and I'm so thankful he did! We had so much delicious food. Including this Shrimp and avocado salad from, hamburgers, pasta salad, potato salad, and more! 

Plus, a wide array of desserts from cheesecake and sugar cookies to lemon bars and S'mores dip!

{Jan's Lemon bars and Anna's Cheesecakes}

We spent the day lying on the pier with the clouds above us. Literally, no sun, just clouds... and, some rain. We did have some sun at the beginning of the day. Either way, the lake with friends and family is great way to spend any day! Catchphrase and Trivial Pursuit kept us busy while the rain passed. At night, the remaining few of us bundled up (yes, bundled up, in JULY in ALABAMA--it was cold!) and headed onto the water. We had so much fun watching fireworks, checking out lake houses, and listening to country music on the boat. 

Summer is one of my favorite seasons. I love the warmth, the sun, and the smell of fresh summer air. Few things can top that, except the smell of the beach, of course!

Alexis, from Koukla's Korner, sent me some wonderful handmade candles that are sure to remind you of sweet, summer escapes. From driftwood to Jamaica Me Crazy, the candles are reminiscent of a summertime beach trip where memories are made. 

Alexis has been making all natural, soy wax candles by mixing natural essential oils with US farmed hydrogenated soy beans. She pours the wax into mason jars for a natural, rustic appearance that will fit any room. 

When I first got the candles, I was eager to open them and start picking out my favorite scent, but it was so hard to choose. I took them to the lake to get more opinions. After deep thought and consideration, Joey decided Jamaica Me Crazy made him feel like wrapping in cool linen sheets while listening to the waves of the ocean. His words- not mine. Other adjectives chosen by the group were "fruity" and "mandarin oranges". Alexis describes the scent as a pineapple and rum mix, and I would have to agree! The scent was fresh and fun!

Driftwood was my favorite scent. It combined elements of cedar wood and vanilla into a musky, calming fragrance that is relaxing and refreshing at the same time. 

Other scents in the Beach Collection are Summer Breeze and Sea Mist. Summer Breeze was citrusy and clean smelling while Sea Mist mixed orange blossom and musk for a relaxing take on a clean smelling candle. 

When you buy your very own Koukla's candle, it will come in sweet little rustic, square mason jar filled with seashells. The candles burn up to 60 hours with an even burn throughout the candle thanks to a cotton/paper wick that are twisted together.

{Photo Cred: Koukla's Korner}

There are many scent options like Lavender and Wild Honeysuckle, as well as the wonderful, seasonal, Beach Collection. Plus, who doesn't love a mason jar?!

To learn more about how you can have your own never-ending summer with Koukla's Korner Beach Collection, visit the Etsy shop by clicking here, or find Alexis on Facebook  and Instagram.

Alexis was so sweet to work with-- She quickly responded in a cheerful, nice way so I can only imagine how great she is to order from! Plus, she sent a handwritten letter with the sample candles that was so genuine and thoughtful, I instantly thought we could be friends! She is adorable in her product pictures with her and her grandmother, too. Her grandmother's 90th birthday gave her inspiration to start her own candle making business. How cute is that?! Next time you need a great smelling candle for a house warming gift, birthday present, or even a treat for yourself, visit Koukla's Korner to find the perfect one!

Thank you to Koukla's Korner for providing candles for review. The post is sponsored, but the opinions are my own. They truly are great candles! {Photo Cred: Koukla's Korner}

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