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Crossfit, Cycle, Cocktails, and Crestwood Park

{Kathleen}Tuesday began with sleeping in till about 6:30a.m. then heading straight for some coffee and a shower before leaving for work. Virginia and Rainie went to a 6am body pump but I was too tired after going to the Barons game Monday night.  I decided to catch in on some sleep and fit in a workout after work.

I enjoyed my coffee on the way to work as well as a Nalgene full of water. When I got to work I ate my usual staple Breakfast. I was out of raisins and walnuts so I just used Greek yogurt, oats and peanuts. Not quite my favorite combo but still filling.

Lunch was a eaten at our department meeting. I had a spinach base and added a Mexican quinoa salad (leftovers from Sunday dinner) + cheddar cheese + sour cream and salsa as my dressing. I threw in some fresh tomatoes and bell peppers from my garden, as well. I love the quinoa salad! I eat it by itself or on top of a salad; plus, its great leftover too (hot or cold) !

Here is a link to the quinoa salad recipe!

Afternoon snack: Rainie and I walked over to Au Bon Pain for a afternoon coffee. Knowing we were going to be up past 9pm, we decided we would need a little caffeine boost. I also ate a banana and peanut butter.

After work I headed to the Shades Valley YMCA and made it in time for a Y-Cross class at 4:45. Think of this class as a mild version of crossfit, it was a good mix of cardio and weight moves but nothing crazy like flipping tires. It lasted an hour but it really did fly by as you don't know whats coming up next, so I was totally focused on knowing what to do for the next move rather than paying attention to the clock. Then since I had some time I also hit up the cycle class that started at 5:45. I love spin, however my workout buddies don't particularly care for spin, so I try to fit it in whenever I am working out solo. The instructor was great, she was upbeat and had great music which made the class fly by. After cycle I stretched some ,showered off, freshened up and headed to Jennifer's House to meet to go to Crestwood Park's movie in the park night.

On the way to Jennifer and Holts I ate some leftover cucumber and tomato salad, an apple, and a yogurt for dinner. I also had a PB and Honey sandwich (sorry not pictured).


A group of us all met at Jennifer and Holt's adorable house in Crestwood (seriously I think Jen could have been an interior decorator) prior to walking to Crestwood park a few blocks away. Jennifer fixed us all a very refreshing cocktail to walk to the park with. It was a combo of water + gin + mint + Stevia. It was very refreshing, especially when its so hot outside.

We set up picnic blankets when we got to the park and talked and snacked on popcorn until the movie started. The movie of the night was Back to the Future, a classic, apparently... however I haven't seen a lot of movies so this was my first time seeing it! It was a fun night and props to Birmingham for continuing to have more fun things to do!

Share Birmingham tips below!

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