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Change of Plans

So today Rainie, Kathleen and I decided to go to a 6am Body Pump class.  I don't know if I've disclosed this on the blog yet, but I am not really a morning person so I often have good intentions to work out before work but just can't drag myself out of bed.  What I have found is that if I am meeting friends to work out in the morning, I always make it.  Thank you Kathleen and Rainie for the accountability!  When I got to the class, Kathleen already had my bench set up (thank you friend!), but there was no instructor for the class.  At first I was proud of myself for making it to a 6am class before the instructor got there because I tend to run late...but after a few minutes I realized that the instructor probably wasn't coming at all.  We waited it out as long as we could and then decided to just go on a 4 mile jog around downtown Birmingham instead since it didn't look like the class was going to happen.  Rainie was so nice to let us come back to her downtown loft to shower and get ready for work.  Rainie was the best hostess and made us a fresh pot of coffee and gave us fruit to snack on.  

Breakfast (on the go before getting to the gym):  honey crisp apple with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter (Skippy Natural) + coffee with Splenda and hazelnut creamer.  I recently realized that I function much better at early morning workout classes if I make time for my coffee before I go, but I always have to start out with some water first.  

Snack (not pictured...oops!) cutie and a peach (the peaches that Rainie got at the farmers market were SO sweet and delicious!) + coffee with new stevia sweetener (forgot the name of it) and 2% milk as the coffee creamer.  

-salad:  spring mix, grape tomatoes, honey crisp apple, almonds, blue cheese, couple of tablespoons of fried onion crispies, and Newman's Own honey mustard dressing
-100 calorie black cherry Greek yogurt

Snack:  white cheddar  cheese cubes with everything pretzel thins

Dinner:  After work my roommate and childhood best friend (Elizabeth) took large mason jars of blueberries (grown at Elizabeth's parent's house in Selma) to our neighbors to get to know some people on our new street (we just moved to Cahaba Heights at the beginning of June).   After this, we grabbed dinner at Newks.  My typical favorite thing there is the Newks Favorite salad (this is what Elizabeth ordered).  I changed it up today and got the classic side salad (balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing with 1/2 of the chicken pesto sandwich, which was delicious!  It had goat cheese on it and this is one of my favorites.  Without fail I eat 2 packets of the plain, packaged breadsticks at Newks.  As bland as they are, there is something about them that I love!

Drinks:  2 cups of coffee, 3 diet cokes, 100 oz water (went a little overboard with the caffeine today).

Now I'm just excited for a 3 day weekend with my family in Selma for the 4th of July! 

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