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Bridesmaids and Baking


The Friday of my 4th of July weekend started with a 5:30 am body pump class, it was the same teacher as Monday. Just Rainie and I hit this one up this morning because Virginia was off work today and we figured she wouldn't want to get up at this (ungodly) hour on her day off. I think Rainie and I both mutually agree that we like this class, and the instructor is good, but we wish she would do a little more ab work at the end. Overall, I enjoy the body pump class a lot, the group weight lifting setting makes me push myself more than if I were to just be lifting weights on my own for sure. 

After body pump I showered at the gym and ate one of my staple breakfasts when I got to work. Overnight oats (Greek plain yogurt, a little splash of almond milk, oatmeal, raisins).

So with it being the Friday before a holiday we only worked about half a day. When I left work I ate my salad (Spinach + strawberries + Feta + balsamic dressing).

I had packed it the night before so I ate it in the car on my way to meet my mom, sister Kelly, and her friend Sarah to shop for bridesmaid dresses. Kelly is getting in May and we she is trying to figure out a dress that will be flattering on everyones' body shapes, one you could possibly wear again (hopeful I know right?) and one not too expensive. We went to Bella's Bridal and I think we found our bridesmaid dress! Kelly wants to run the dress by our other two sisters Kaitlin and Kristen (all K's yes I know-- what were our parents thinking?) and make sure they like it too.  

Mom, Kelly, and Sarah had not eaten lunch so we walked over to Panera. I had already eaten my salad, since I couldn't have waited until 3pm to eat, (I'm more of a noon time luncher) so I just opted for a chocolate chip cookie and a coffee (their cookies are huge so I ate half and left the other half for them to share).

Then I went home and starting baking, one of my favorite hobbies. I know I might sound a little lame but I was perfectly content staying at home and baking Friday night! I was making some sugar cookies with cream cheese icing ( and of course some patriotic sprinkles ) to take to the lake on Saturday for the 4th of July cookout. My mom was skeptical about sugar cookies with cream cheese icing but everyone seemed to love them the last time I made them so I went with it again.

I mean whats not to love about cream cheese icing?!! 

I made a tomato cucumber salad to take Saturday...The best part was the fresh tomatoes from our garden---one of my favorite parts of summer! I used "Aunt Peggy's cucumber, Tomato, and Onion Salad" from the Note I subbed basil for parsley, I'm not a huge fan of parsley. 

I also had to do some baking for a Blue Eyed Baker customer :).  I enjoy baking so much that my friends and family told me I should start selling some of my baked goods. I was talking with one of the new dietitians at work last week and she said she would love some of "The Orignial" brownies for her 4th of July cookout at her house.

The "Original" brownie consists of a  pretzel crust, a brownie middle, and a salted peanut butter icing. These tend to be the most popular. Check out my FaceBook page "The Blue Eyed Baker" for more info on the treats I like to make!

After I finished baking I had a glass of Almond milk with homemade oatmeal bread and peanut butter on it for dinner.

A good workout + short work day + a little shopping + a lot of baking = Fun Friday 

Now looking forward to a lake day for the 4th!

What are your weekend plans?

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