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Birthday Celebrations

If you have ever met a Cancer, then you know we like to celebrate our birthday...months! This was the first birthday JT was fully in charge of plans since it's our first as husband and wife. He really set the bar high for me when his September birthday comes around. He planned each day and we celebrated from Thursday through Sunday. Thursday, started with what I thought was going to be a birthday dinner at a fancy restaurant in town, but when I got home, I found my family there with brightly colored balloons and a shrimp boil cooking on the stove. It was such a wonderful surprise to see everyone at our place! I had no idea and felt so special and loved:)

After family gifts, JT let me open my gifts a little early. I love baskets of goodies! I can't wait to start our fall garden!

The next morning, I started my birthday with a solo jog around the neighborhood. 

Then, I ate cake for breakfast. Because that's what you do when it's your birthday...only, I felt sick soon after and wondered if I would know any better by my 28th birthday. Then, there was more cake. Sweet Virginia left a card, cake, and gift card on my desk at work. Isn't she the best?! Plus, she makes pretty good cake too...and I felt just fine after so I resolved to continue eating more cake that day. 


After work, Kathleen and I headed out to the lake to meet the rest of the group. She let me pick dinner and Five Guys happened to be on the way so, naturally, we stopped. Kathleen bought my dinner and decided this should be a yearly tradition. I won't argue that.

We got to the lake and spent our night talking and hanging out with everyone. Around 11:40 JT brought me a cupcake just before my birthday officially ended.

The next morning, Lauren made us pancakes and eggs. Check out this pancake hydrogenated oils here! JT picked this one out and did a great job!

After breakfast, it was time for the sun...and hunch punch. Remember this recipe? It usually makes it's way into a birthday celebration. This time, because I'm 27 and all, I added orange Powerade Zero to dilute it even more. 


Us girls like to keep it more low key...

But low key is not for the boys...Joey arrived and we piled into the boat for even more fun. The boys found cliffs to jump off of. The girls found Disney themed music to heighten the effects of jumping. Disclaimer: I tried to get them to wear life vests to no avail.



Boys will be boys. At least they can cook. Back at the lake house we had another shrimp boil. 

We always have such a blast at Anna's lake house. It is the perfect, rustic escape to just relax and enjoy each other's company. Thanks for hosting, Anna!

We took a break from eating to marvel at the beautiful sunset.

And then got right back to it with dessert! Brownies from the Blue Eyed Baker (aka Kathleen). I just realized I have no picture because we ate them outside in the dark. But as usual, they were delicious!
We played Taboo and Cards Against Humanity before the birthday girl decided she was exhausted! I got about a 40 minute power nap in before actual bed time, but hey- I'm doing good to stay up past 11pm!

Sunday, after cleaning up, we stopped by Chef Troy's Talk of the Town Too where I had a salad with shrimp. Back at home, JT and I met his family for dinner at STIX. The final birthday celebration of the weekend complete with an embarrassing birthday song and dance (ahem, Cindy). I am so thankful they drove to meet us! Gracie kept us entertained with her squeals and smiles!

Needless to say, I had an amazing birthday celebration complete with family and friends. This whole getting old thing isn't so bad, especially if I get to do it with such wonderful people!

What would be your Disney theme song?

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