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Weekend Recap {Betolla Review}

Friday night I went on a date with this guy. 

We went to Betolla on 2nd Avenue South by Pepper Place Market around 6pm and we didn't even have to wait. We sat outside and enjoyed the breeze and quietness of the evening. Inside was a darker, noisier setting but still a good environment. Jennifer recommended the place and the Mushroom Risotto. So I took her advice and was so glad I did. JT doesn't like mushrooms but he liked this dish! He opted for a (huge) pizza. Their dough is amazing. To start the dinner, they brought bread and olive oil for dipping. Prices are around $15 for most of the entrees so it's a good price, great food, and wonderful atmosphere!

Betolla Review
Where: 2901 2nd Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233
What: Authentic Italian
How Much: $15-$30 dinner; $5 average beer; $7+ glass of wine
Healthy: Depends on what you get-there are healthier options
Atmosphere: Casual dress. Outside is relaxing; inside is louder but still casual

That night, some friends came over for game night and we had a cheese and fruit tray for everyone. Kathleen brought dessert bars, Emily brought truffle popcorn, and everyone else brought drinks and games. It was such a fun night! I had some leftovers (plus shrimp from JT's shrimp boil) for lunch the next day after a hot run downtown.

Then, we were off to Tuscaloosa for a wedding! Look at these handsome men! Congratulations to the new McNortons!

It's always so great to have so many friends in one place. That's so hard to do after college!

Today is Father's day, but my dad went to Mississippi for the weekend to spend time fishing and relaxing at the lake so I'll catch him later this week. We went to Gardendale First Baptist church where we hear the legendary Bobby Bowden talk about his relationship with God throughout his life and career. It was a wonderful and encouraging lesson! Then, we celebrated with the Robinsons at Campbell's Field Restaurant. I was on call all weekend so I spent the first half of the meal trying to figure out a TPN cycling order but did get to join in on the second hour!

Happy Father's day to all you providers and fixers out there:) Mine's a good one!

Have you tried Betolla? What should we get next time?

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