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Short Hair. Don't Care.

{only I really do kind of care...}

But first, breakfast. I ran yesterday morning so I was feeling a savory breakfast. I had baked avocado once before (baked an egg in side half an avocado) but wasn't really a fan. I thought it was because of the eggy-ness of it so I tried it again yesterday sans egg. I added Mozzarella cheese on top and baked it while I showered. Then, decided I don't like warm avocado. Love them cold, but not baked. I ate it anyway, because I don't waste food, but it likely won't be re-appearing anytime soon.

Lunch on the other hand, was delicious. Clinic was really busy so I ended up eating in a rush and missing an in-service I was supposed to attend. I planned for the last of my mixed greens so I just kept it in the plastic container. Added sliced strawberries, goat cheese, and almonds (a winning combination). For dressing, simply Balsamic vinegar. Who needs a fancy dressing container when you've got the Medella 2 oz breastmilk container;). Perfect for dressing portions! An apple and Coconut Greek yogurt rounded out my lunch.

I went to Jasper so I ate chicken salad that my mom made. I was starving after I got my hair done so I didn't take a picture before I ate! Then, I had a banana with a tablespoon of peanut butter while I baked chocolate chip cookies for the fam and successfully avoided eating them! Janey reminded me that as a dietitian, I  should not have a cookie recipe memorized. 

Now for my hair...

I used to really want curly hair to the point where I tried to convince my mom I needed a perm. In high school, scrunching your curly hair was so in, but there is no curl at all to my hair, so I used to french braid it overnight and let it out in the morning to make it look "scrunched". I'm not sure that it was a great idea but I thought so at the time. I loved how my friend Mallory could wear curly hair or straight hair depending on the day. It just wasn't in the cards for me. Life is always greener on the other side, right?

Now, I am actually super grateful for my non-curly hair. It is so easy! I wash it at night, it dries while I'm asleep and viola! In this picture I took yesterday at work, my hair had dried over night, I ran yesterday morning, and threw my sweaty hair into my usual bun. When I took it down, this is what I had. 

Like I said, easy! But also, hot! And running in 90+ degree weather with a ponytail that's so long it still rests on your neck just isn't going to work all summer. Plus, I always were it up. I just feel like it gets in the way and I tend to run my fingers through it when I'm concentrating (which is fine, unless I'm talking to a patient and playing with my hair at the same time- like, totally profesh, right?). So, I decided to get it cut...

It is definitely going to take some getting used to. It's already flipped out this morning so I'm actually going to have to style it. I don't own a straightener or a hair dryer so I guess I'm in the market for some hair tools. I think my long hair looks better but I think my short hair feels better. Sometimes, you have to choose;) Either way, it'll be grown back by the fall so I will probably survive.

Today, I am skipping the usual YMCA class that Virginia, Kathleen, and I go to because Janey is coming to spend the night and we are going to watch Cinderella at the dollar theater! My legs are a little sore anyway so I am counting today as an off day in exercise. To get a few more steps in though, I am walking to work so here's hoping my hair holds up on day one!

What straightening iron should I buy? Not too pricey, but still good...Any suggestions?

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