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One Month Anniversary + Comedy Club Night

Yesterday marked a whole month of marriage for JT and me... And what a fun month it has been! I love having him in the same town, cooking dinner together, and just getting to hang out so often. We should have done this whole marriage thing sooner. 

2 things I learned this month:
1) Men require less sleep. I mean, what is so wrong with a 9:30pm bedtime?
2) Men can eat more often. Ok, I can technically eat more than JT in a sitting, but he could eat like every 2 hours! 

1 thing that surprised me about being married:
1) How much fun it really is! I thought it would be a harder adjustment, but it's been easy! Of course, it's been a month;)

I started my day with a jog downtown and through Railroad Park. 

We had plans to go to the Comedy Club to celebrate Jeff's birthday so I knew I would have to skip out on the afternoon run with Virginia and Kathleen. I ran a quick 3 mile route in the morning before work and remembered why I love a.m. exercise. I love the stillness of the morning before the world comes at you fast. It's also about 10 degrees cooler than these 90 degree afternoon runs.

The only trouble with morning runs is I still need time to wake up just a little before I hit the pavement. So, I have to wake up in enough time to allow for one cup of coffee or else I talk myself out of running. After I ran, I had one more cup of coffee and ate breakfast of cucumbers, goat cheese and half an avocado. Then a banana once I got to work. Pretty random breakfast combo but I was feeling salty foods after sweating so much!

Yesterday was a pretty busy work day so lunch was eaten in a bit of a rush, but delicious nonetheless.

  • Mixed salad greens 
  • 1 ounce of almonds
  • 2 tablespoons Blue Cheese
  • 1 tablespoon dried cherries
  • 1 tablespoon Chia seeds
  • plain Balsamic Vinegar (Ken's Reduced Fat Raspberry Vinaigrette is also really good on this type of salad mix.). 
  • For some more protein, I had my favorite Chobani--Coconut flavored. I always freeze them, then put one in the refrigerator at work until lunch time and it is the perfect, creamy, almost frozen, yogurt treat. 
Snack: apple at 3:30pm. As long as clinic allows, my snack is at 3:30 pm. I've found setting a snack time helps a lot! If I get hungry around 3pm, I can convince myself to wait 30 more minutes. 3:30 is perfect for me because it provides an hour before we run too! I used to not have an afternoon snack and I would over-eat as soon as I walked in the door after work. Adding this snack has really helped me make it until an appropriate hour for dinner!

Speaking of dinner: My mom's subs were on the menu. JT had his on a bun, but I opted for a Spinach Tortilla to make it slightly lower cal. They are delicious! Ham, provolone cheese, pepperoni, banana peppers, lettuce, and Italian dressing. 

The Comedy Club options are less than healthy so JT and I agreed on dinner at home before the show, then sharing an appetizer. We had the Spinach and Artichoke dip, which was an ok version- a little too salty...not too bad though, we finished it! I also drank Blue Moon during the show. Dinner at the show is not pictured because it was really dark in there, but I did get this shot of some of my favorite people!

During the summer, would you rather exercise in the morning or the afternoon?

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