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On a Tuesday: Small Group and Sandwiches

Hey Be Well Readers! Today, we have another post from a dietitian and new blogger, Kathleen. You may remember her from our Blue Eyed Baker brownie contest. While she is an excellent baker, she also recognizes the importance of living a healthy lifestyle by making the right food choices and exercising. Here's Kathleen to tell you about her Tuesday.

I was super busy so all of my meals were pretty much eaten in the car or at work. Also of note, I don't normally eat so much peanut butter but it makes a pretty good protein option in a crunch!

Breakfast was overnight oats. I just combine all the ingredients at night and put it in the fridge until morning. You know how you can never get the rest of the peanut butter out of the container? Overnight oats is your solution! Here are some of my favorite ingredients:
  • almond milk 
  • chia seeds 
  • Greek yogurt 
  • walnuts
What to look for in your peanut butter:
There are a thousand different peanut butter brands available. But be careful to read the nutrition facts label on each one and look for hidden trans fat. If you see the word "hydrogenated" on the ingredients list, steer clear. While it might say 0 grams trans fat per serving on the actual nutrition facts label it can have up to 0.5grams of trans fat per serving and not be listed on the label. The American Heart Association recommends limiting intake of trans fat to 0-2 grams per day. Skippy Natural, Jif Natural and Smucker's Natural are my fave trans fat free brands :)

Lunch is usually some type of salad. Today's salad was a Spinach and Kale combo with 

  • tomatoes 
  • walnuts 
  • Feta cheese
  • onions 
  • sugar snap peas 
  • Balsamic vinegar dressing  

Trick of the trade: prepare it the night before because there's just not enough time in the morning!

Snack: Banana + Peanut Butter 

Dinner: Apple + Blueberries + peanut butter and honey sandwich (eaten on the way from running to small group). Said sandwich not pictured because I was driving and so hungry I had eaten it all before I realized I forgot to take a picture of it!

I am typically not a sandwich person but I found bread at SAMS that is actually in the freezer section because it has no preservatives. Its only 60 calories per slice and tastes great! Its very nutty tasting, which I love :)

Virginia and I joined a small group that does workouts on Tuesday nights. Its a great way to meet new people and get a workout in at the same time! It starts at 6:30pm so we squeezed in a quick 3 mile run in after work and then headed to our small group leaders' house for a Crossfit type group workout. This time the workout consisted of pushups, squats, lunges, sit-ups, planks, high knees, runs, step ups and STRETCHING...which we are always bad at fitting in at the end of our workouts (even though we know we fill so much better if we do).

Post Small group cross fit workout snack: Yoplait Greek 100cal yogurt. Love the black cherry flavor!

Beverages: ~10oz. Coffee (not pictures) with skim milk + International Delight Hazelnut Coffee Creamer,  32oz Unsweet Tea, Post 95 degree run = refreshing Sprite Zero + about 4 Nalegene's worth of water (32oz Nalgene). 

Today was a little busy. Breakfast and Lunch were eaten/inhaled in clinic while dinner was eaten driving from work to small group. So I am super glad I packed everything. It really helps me keep a healthy eating regimen while squeezing in a lot of activities and work!

Check back later for more from Kathleen!

Do you pack meals and snacks? Share your eating on the go tips below!

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