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Mail Call

This morning was a new Body Pump class at Shades Valley YMCA. We met at 5:30 am so the post workout glamour shot was a struggle. Who am I kidding, it's always a struggle! Today, we photographed tennis shoes. Because they don't seem to mind. 

Virginia and Kathleen are brave souls and got ready at the gym. I headed home to eat breakfast, drink coffee, and shower like it was Saturday morning. Ahh, the joys of living so close to work. McCormick's eggs were on the menu. Each spring/summer they bring extra eggs to work and I take full advantage of the cheap, home grown eggs.

Today, I "fried" the egg (without oil), grilled half a whole wheat tortilla, then added avocado and tomato for a delicious combination. A farmer's market peach added a nice, sweet touch. 

Around 11am I ate an apple for a snack. Then, lunch was eaten at my desk while I looked up patient information. Our recent farmer's market trip provided me some pretty great vegetables for the entire day. Today was about as southern as my meals can get. 

Tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, salt and pepper dressed in Red Wine vinegar that would make the Cracker Barrel blush (yes, they have it as a side item!). For protein, I added a mini Babybel light and my favorite Greek Yogurt.

My afternoon coffee break might have been a highlight. Or maybe I was just asleep before it. Either way, I convinced Kathleen to splurge (financially) on a nonfat latte and she may not go back to plain coffee.

The white wall is seemingly reminiscent of a mugshot, no?

We normally don't work out twice a day but we aren't sure about how much we will get to run together later this week so we took advantage of this bright and breezy social hour. Our usual 4 mile route was a little cooler today so that was a bonus! Ignore the closed eye look. 

I was starving by the time I got home and our chicken was still frozen, so I mixed up some of Peggy's Pimiento and Cheese as an appetizer. Then, I ate so much of it that I wasn't hungry for dinner.


JT still was, so we killed time with technology as dinner cooked. I remembered my new Fitbit should be in so I ran to check the mailbox. My current Fitbit was a Valentine's day gift but has since taken a turn for the worse. A plastic piece fell off making it nearly impossible to charge and hard to press the buttons. Fitbit has great customer service and sent me a free, new one within a week of my email. Thank goodness, too because the addiction is real--I'd hate to have to hunt them down for a new one. Mainly because I'd have to walk to find them and there's no point in walking if your Fitbit is broken.

Last Friday, JT and I checked the mail together and I noticed how he patiently held the envelope in his hand until we safely made it to the loft so he could carefully open the marriage certificate. I, on the other hand, can't stand the wait! Even if it's a bill, I tear into it right there in front of the mailbox like it's Christmas morning. Who knew your mail opening method could define your individual personality so perfectly.

On to dinner-- by the time it was ready, I wasn't very hungry so I left off the chicken and went for straight veggies. It wasn't super exciting, but was fresh from (someones) garden!

Now, we are discussing a Netflix system error and contemplating a decent bed time. Which, is 9:30 if you're me and 11:30 if you're JT...and I may or may not be stealing bites of his Snicker's ice cream.

What is your mail personality? Do you wait until you're home or open it right away?!

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