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Local Eats and Treats: Little Donkey and Steel City Pops

(all in one night!)

Big news- I (errr...JT and I) joined the YMCA! I am still a fan of running and free workouts like Nike Training Club, but Kathleen and Virginia have been trying to get me to join the Y for a while now so we can all go together. Today's the day! We started off with a bang with YCross and... it was intense.

After that class, I could barely lift my arms all the way up to my face to touch up my makeup! Virginia is not allowed to pick the workouts from now on. Kidding- it was a great workout to lead up to meeting these beauties for dinner. 

The Little Donkey, in Homewood, is a fresh Mexican restaurant with a fun and exciting atmosphere. We posted up at a quaint outdoor table and enjoyed an appetizer trio of guacamole, queso, and salsa while we chatted about life. I decided on The Bowl with chicken which was a delicious combination of rice, beans, seasoning, chicken, and guacamole. It came with a side so I got their famous elite corn (off the cob) and added it to the bowl. 

Anna and Lauren graciously let me photo their selections too! Both of them had tacos (Anna chose steak and chicken, Lauren went with chicken). They were served on top of fresh, authentic corn tortillas and alongside black beans. 

I copied Anna's drink of choice and went with the Paloma. A cocktail made from grapefruit, lime, tequila, and Agave nectar. Wonderful choice...the waiter agreed.

The meal was delicious, the atmosphere was fun, and our waiter was great! The Little Donkey is a gem of a place that you should make plans to visit! Because Steel City Pops was right next door, we felt obligated (as citizens of this great city) to stop on in for a treat. 

The brownie inside the pops is relatively new so we all opted to try it. Mine was coffee brownie, Lauren and Anna went with vanilla brownie. They were delicious as usual, but I probably won't go with the brownie one next time. The inside was a little chewy but as Anna pointed out- it is frozen so you can't do a lot about that--but that I can handle. It's just that the Steel City pops are simply amazing on their own, the brownie took away from the simple deliciousness!

Don't worry, I got a strawberries and cream one to take home to Mr. Robinson so his life could be complete. 

What flavor pop would you choose?

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