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Friday Food and Fun

I have had more energy this week despite getting the same amount of sleep. I attribute this to getting back on track with eating a balanced diet. Even dietitians fall off the wagon weakness is desserts! 

Since I exercised everyday this week I took today off but I did get a lot of walking in at work so... I guess I did get some exercise in today after all. 

Breakfast: Kashi granola bar and coffee (Splenda and hazelnut creamer) 

AM snack: Baby Bell Light cheese (2) with everything pretzel chips

Lunch: mini sweet peppers and cucumbers dipped in hummus; 
assorted berries (strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries)

Afternoon snack: Noosa blueberry yogurt 

Dinner: BBQ chicken salad with house vinaigrette dressing (Moe's BBQ in Lakeview).

Snack (at game night at Rainie and JT's, such a fun night!): snacked on goat cheese with crackers, fruit, Greek yogurt Ranch dip with celery, popcorn and caramel dessert bars (2). Kathleen (Blue Eyed Baker strikes again) made Carmelita dessert bars and they were amazing! Like I said, desserts are my weakness but I did manage to steer clear of the store bought cookies. I try to make the dessert worth it by going with homemade! 

Share your favorite game night game below!

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