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Brick and Tin {Restaurant Review}

Two weeks ago my sister completed her Dietetic Internship so now she is eligible to take the Registered Dietitian Exam to become an R.D. ! This definitely called for a celebration. My family all attended the graduation followed by a cake and punch reception. Then we had lunch on the agenda.

We originally set out for Chez Lu Lu, but when we got there we found out pizza (the primary reason we chose there) can only be ordered  at dinner time. So my dad suggested Brick and Tin-- "A restaurant- Bar - Bakery" so whats not to love?

There are 2 locations; one in Downtown Birmingham and one in Mountain Brook Village. We chose the one in Mountain Brook Village, and it was full of business people on their lunch hour. We managed to snag a table large enough for all of us in the corner. It is an order and then go sit down type of restaurant. 

Drinks of course came out first... Kelly, Michael, and my dad ordered local beers.  My mom, of course, ordered wine (she isn't much of a beer drinker). 

Then our food came out shortly after. I ordered the Turkey Melt which was smoked turkey + bacon + white cheddar + honey mustard on typical sandwich bread. I though it was delicious. The only thing I didn't love was the turkey-- it was similar to a lunch meat turkey, which I wasn't expecting. I was thinking it would be more of a  fresh sliced turkey, but it was still a great combo with everything else on the sandwich. It also came with a Farrow/Barley side salad which was quite delicious. 

My dad ordered the brisket (per Virginia's recommendations) and he loved it. My mom ordered the spring chicken panini ( chicken + spinach and pecoriono aloli) and it was good (yes,  I tried a bite of hers). She loved it too! For me, it was just a little on the oily side.

And then on to the best sandwich of the meal... Kelly ordered the Siena sandwich ( provolone + gruyere + argula pesto on a poppy seed onion loaf) and in her words "it was LIFE CHANGING". I would have to agree! It was by far the best sandwich out of any of ours. I would definitely order that one next time I go. 

Even though Brick and Tin is a bakery, we opted out of getting desserts. We were all full from lunch... but they sure did look tempting.  So, if you are ever in the Mountain Brook or Downtown area, I would recommend you stop by Brick and Tin to treat yourself to an excellent sandwich, a local beer, and some fresh baked goods.

What is your favorite dish from Brick and Tin?

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