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Bham Bloggers and Banana Ice Cream

Yesterday morning Panera bagels, souffles, and scones filled the Endocrinology conference room. Luckily, I brought my own sweet breakfast of Chobani Greek Yogurt so I grabbed some coffee and rushed out of that room like I would catch the plague if I stayed too long!

For lunch, I had leftover fajitas from Monday night dinner. They were better the first time around- I'm not a huge fan of reheated chicken. But jalapenos and avocado made up for it. 
For a little something sweet, I had another Coconut Chobani. This time, the frozen then thawed version I usually have. 

I missed snack time because I was in clinic and by the time I got back to my desk I didn't have time to let the snack digest before heading out for a hot run so I opted to skip it this time. Good thing too- it was so hot that snacking just before probably wouldn't have ended well! I have made that mistake too many times with almonds or peanut butter. Lesson learned. We did our usual 4 mile route downtown and came back to cool off with a diet soda treat (a new tradition that we like to partake in after excessively hot runs). Water too, of course. I drink about 3 Nalgene bottles full each day (32 oz. each).

I rushed home to change and freshen up a bit before heading out to the Birmingham Bloggers event with Lauren. I came home to a nice American flag hanging outside our window. JT and I have always talked about having a flag on our front porch when we have a house, but we just can't wait! JT got a lot of gift cards when we got married and used one to buy a drill so he can hang things in our brick wall loft. I love it! 

The event was at Kate Spade at the Summit and it was so much fun to shop around while mingling with new blogging friends. Some girls have fashion blogs, some have food blogs, and some have lifestyle blogs but the blogging basics are the same across the board and it's great to be able to learn from others. 

I just love this girl!

We had repeat sub sandwiches for dinner. JT made them right when I got home from work but I didn't have time to eat until after the event. The basics: ham, pepperoni, provolone cheese; the extras: banana peppers, lettuce, and Italian dressing on a Spinach wrap. 

Along with the flag, JT also brought home American Sniper (we had a very American night) and some movie theater treats. He doesn't like chocolate so he went with the sour candies, but brought me the chocolate cookie dough bites. I blended up some chocolate banana ice cream and threw a few bites on top for a delicious, healthier treat. 

Do you steer clear of office desserts too? Share your tips for avoiding the break room snacks!

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