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BrewFest, Friends, and a Symphony in the Magic City

Friday Fun included BrewFest with our dear friends and neighbors, Max and Lauren. Jessica and Kaleb met us there and we had a blast sampling craft beers from all over the U.S. 
Where should we start?

Meet the West family-some of my favorite people!

Saturday night’s agenda included a fun wedding festivity for Ryan and Angie. After feeling so loved and special on my own wedding day (and the whole wedding season for that matter) I find myself more excited for others who are getting married. What a fun time in life! I even got to catch up with Courtney!

Sunday’s Church of the Highlands service was followed by lunch and a walk to the Redbox for a movie night. On the way back, we walked by Railroad Park where Symphony in the Summer was happening so we found a spot on the lawn to enjoy the music before heading back home. Overall, we walked around 4 miles and it was a fun chance to get outside and just talk to each other. I also really love Railroad Park. They offer free exercise classes in the evenings, biking is coming soon, and they often hold special events. When I first started working in Birmingham, still living in Jasper, I would get to work early to run at Railroad Park so I have some weird connection to the place. Plus, I see it pretty much daily since we finish our run with a lap around the park before heading back to the hospital. It's peaceful in the morning and bustling at night, making it the perfect city park for anyone to enjoy.

(Sunglasses would have been helpful.)

Birmingham is really getting better and better over time. There are so many fun things to do, especially during the summer. Of course, it doesn't hurt to have this husband (!!) and these friends are around!

What is your favorite Birmingham summer activity?

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