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A Sunday in Selma

Kathleen and I spent the better part of our Saturday working for a local catering company. We started working for them a couple of years ago and still help out every once in a while. Last week we learned the wedding was in Selma so we jumped on the chance to recruit Virginia to go with us since it's her hometown. She had already made plans to attend another wedding that same night (congrats to the new Clays!) but it worked out that she would ride back to Selma with her mom and we would head over when we got off around 11pm. Serving is always so much work that I often really dread it until the party actually gets started. Then, once the guests arrive, everything goes by really quickly and I actually enjoy it! I carried cocktails, delicious food, and helped cut the wedding cake, all while moving and grooving to the beat of oldies and Taylor Swift. What's not to like?  Then, comes clean up and I remember what's not to like. Plus, it rained...a lot. 

After the wedding, we were soaked from sweat and rain, smelling like food, and flat out tired... but Virginia still welcomed us in. What a gracious host! A few years back, her parents decided to sell their home in town and move into their vacation home on the river permanently. It was so nice of them to agree to let us stay. Virginia's dad even got the coffee ready for us and left a sweet note letting us know that all we had to do was turn it on in the morning. We stayed up and chatted about the wedding before calling it a night. We woke up to sunlight streaming in the cabin windows with coffee and blueberry crumble cake calling our names from the kitchen. Virginia and her mom had made it the night before and it was absolutely delicious.

We were so happy to get to meet Virginia's mom, although her dad had to leave early to help with breakfast at the church. Virginia is one of the kindest people I've ever met and I felt certain her parents would be the same. They were. We sat around the kitchen table discussing serious life matters like Spanish Moss, high school, and hometowns before heading out for a 3 mile jog.

Virginia's sweet parents had previously given us the go ahead to pick what we would like from their garden. After we ran, we took our sweaty, make up free selves and picked through all the fruits of their labor. We ended up with a basket of beautiful flowers, some squash, zucchini, green beans, and bell peppers!

Virginia taught me that squash and zucchini are ready when the flower on the end of the vegetable is brown or dead. Great gardening tip!

If you haven't been to Selma, I would highly recommend taking a trip down to the Alabama river. We didn't get to see the famous bridge on our way out, but the parts of the town we did get to see were so full of southern charm! 

Thank you to Virginia and her family for allowing us to stay! We really enjoyed getting to see your town and your home and hope to see you again soon.

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