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Bachelorette Weekend {in Pictures and Captions}

few of my favorite girls and I spent the past weekend in Cancun soaking up the sun, the pool and the Margaritas while celebrating my "hen's night" as our new friends would call it. I had so much fun with these girls and am back in Alabama just thinking about the trip!

Here are a few things I learned:

Take a direct flight...
Who wouldn't love a faster route to the fun?

Lay out here! 

Peacocks are in Mexico, and should be a theme for any Bachelorette trip and list.

Canadian women are a rare (yet entertaining) breed!

Did I mention you should lay out here?!

I have no proof for this statement so you'll just have to take my word on it...Ladies, if you're single, do yourself a favor and move to Australia. Just do it... You can thank me later.

Don't be the random girl who jumps into other people's photos...Do be the random guy with the awesome background photobomb!

Don't put your hair in a ponytail just because you're burning calories on the dance floor. (But do burn calories on the dance floor!)

Old lady tip: Wear comfy but cute shoes for said calorie burning! And never. I repeat... never forget your FitBit. (Or else it doesn't even count.)

If you want abs like this, don't eat carbs...His words, not mine.

Drink at the hotel bars for the most entertaining people. (Said people, not pictured, but greasy hair and yaga bahhms were involved.)

Remember to bring the charger for the selfie stick.

And take selfies even if you didn't know a selfie stick needed to be charged.

Flash Tats are the best, and a definite necessity!

Find great childhood friends, and keep them! OK, I already knew that but these girls are the best and I couldn't have asked for a better trip! Now, I'm off to work on becoming Mrs. Robinson...Hello envelopes!


  1. Looks like you had a great time!! So glad your home safe and sound!!

  2. Thanks Cindy:) We had a blast!!

  3. Love the photos and looks like yall had a blast! One month!!!

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