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March Madness









{1} My dad's surprise 50th birthday was a huge hit! Family and friends gathered at Joey's brand new lake house to help celebrate this milestone. We had BBQ, music and a few games, but most importantly, great company!

{2} One of my very best friends (and my own bridesmaids) Joanna got married in Nashville, Tennessee. The reception was at the beautiful Belle Mead plantation. It was the first time since college all of us girls got the chance to be together at the same time and it was a blast! We hit the town after the reception and continued to catch up with each other until the morning hours. The next day, we met for Brunch at Urban Grub and enjoyed omelettes and chicken and waffles before heading our separate ways. JT and I stopped by Antique Archaeology to check out the place before finally heading home.

{3} Janey's friends from church organized a service project for us all to help feed the homeless. Read more about that in this previous post. I love seeing young people helping others in the name of the Lord! 

{4} Becky is having a boy! We showered her at work with a ton of gifts to help her and Mike get started. Lori's mom made the best tasting, most adorable cookies I have ever had! 

{5} My very first shower for our wedding season. A lingerie shower with a "Sips and Strokes" theme. Kathleen and Emily, with the help of Kelly, were such amazing hostesses! There was plenty of delicious food and enough wine for a small army. Then, there was Toni, and her excellent art skills. She led us step by step through painting hydrangeas and made it super simple! Ask me how to have her at your own party! 

{6}The second party in three days- a kitchen themed bridal shower hosted by Kathleen, Emily and the other girls at work (#clinnuts). Seriously, these dietitians are the best around and make the most amazing foods. We love having reasons to celebrate and an excuse to make a new dish! 

{7} We moved! By we, I mean "I". JT is coming after we get married but how adorable is this couch?! He found it for $25 at an estate sale and his mom and him had it recovered by H&H upholstery in Winfield, AL. I'm in love. 

{8} My BFF, Anna, passed her boards and is officially a Nurse Practitioner. So, we celebrated Mexican style at El Barrio in Downtown Birmingham.

March was so packed. Packed with fun events so I can't complain! April is the birthday month of all three of my siblings, my bachelorette trip, and a bridal tea so it is shaping up to be quite busy too! Then, comes May! Here's to spring time!

Feel free to share any time management tips you may have! {Lawd knows I could use 'em!}

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