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Sunday Funday + Week of Workouts

Joey made steak for dinner. Yes, Joey. For those of you who don't know, Joey is my brother and my current roommate and in all my 26 years, I have never seen him make anything other than chocolate milk and bologna sandwiches. Today, that changed. He made some delicious steaks... then I cut it up and put it atop a bed of lettuce, some goat cheese, and drizzled white wine vinegar over the top. It was a wonderful combination!

I started out last week posting what I ate every day...then, I realized each day is pretty similar so each post is starting to look like the one before it. So my new plan is a weekly wrap up of food and fitness.

On the fitness front, this week included a 9 mile training run and a few shorter ones with 2 off days in a row because after doing squats on Thursday my legs were sore the rest of the week. By today, I was more than ready to exercise!

Sunday: 3 mile run solo
Monday: 4 mile run after work with Kathleen
Tuesday: 5:30 am gym with JT (arm weights and bike)
Wednesday:  9 mile run with Kathleen
Thursday: 5:30 a.m. arm workouts with JT; some squats, + a 3 mile post work run with Kathleen.
Friday: Off
Saturday: Off, but we did get some steps in working on the wedding site again.

Then, Gracie showed up and these people became worthless...
Check back tomorrow for an exciting giveaway!

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