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Snow Day 2015

Wednesday was my first (and probably only) snow day. I work in a hospital and it never closes but since I live an hour north of Birmingham and my outpatient clinics are closed- I was able to take PTO- good thing too because we got around 8 inches of snow in Jasper! I've never seen it snow so much here since we didn't live in Alabama in the 1993 blizzard era.

I took advantage of my time and went to the gym at 8:00 am since the snow was predicted to start around noon. Janey and I met J.T. for lunch at Cracker Barrel where I attempted to eat healthy and break out of my normal meal of eggs and turkey bacon by ordering an omelette. They have a delicious Southwest omelette that was really too tasty to have been healthy so I considered it breakfast and lunch. Snow days call for extra calories anyway, right? She did let me sub the bacon for turkey sausage in the omelette which was a great idea! Healthy modifications to this beast will take place next time!

Look at this thing:

Later that day, it started to snow so quickly that I went to stay with Katy (Anna's sister in law) a little earlier than I planned. She was house sitting while Anna and Jan are in Disney World. We had so  much fun playing outside and building a snow man complete with strawberry eyes, a banana smile, celery arms, and of course, a carrot nose. Really, Janey built the snow man and I practiced my photography skills. Not sure that I will ever figure out this ISO camera speed thing...

After our clothes were soaked and we were so cold we didn't even feel cold any more, we came inside for some hot cocoa and my new favorite Buffalo Chicken Salad.

I saw some pretty great snow people, including an Olaf that rivaled the real deal...What did you make your snowman out of?

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