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On Being Great...

A couple of weeks ago, the service at Church of the Highlands was all about people and the desire to obtain a great title in life. It really resounded with me since Pastor Barnett emphasized not seeking an important position but instead making the position you're already in, a great one which, in turn, makes you great. I had never thought of it in that way. He showed quotes by mother Theresa and Florence Nightingale  regarding how they started every day with serving people and God in mind. Then, he asked us, what doctor is more famous than Florence Nightingal? She was simply a nurse but is far more remembered than any one doctor of our generation. Largely because she made serving God and people her purpose in life.

JT can testify that I am always in search of being great. My first goal in life was to be a famous actress and now that I'm getting older, I've decided a famous cooking show hostess will suffice. Then there's the book I want to write, the marathon I want to complete, the invention I want to invent and the never ending private nutrition practice that Is sure to be my ticket to success. The reality is that so often I spend time looking for that great position rather than the task at hand. 

A month ago, on my drive to Birmingham I noticed a local pharmacy offering a free diabetes class in April. I immediately thought- great! I need to call them to see if they already have a dietitian to speak. A month later, I still hadn't stopped in, until last night. As I was nearing the area I started to tell myself to wait until I got my own business cards instead of using the business cards supplied by my current place of employment since I am working on building my own private practice. Then, I thought of Pastor Barnett's words and decided that I can volunteer on behalf of the place I currently work. I can go the extra mile to share my knowledge on behalf of the wonderful hospital that provides for me. I realized I need to make my current position great and that will, in turn, make me great (--er than I already am;). So many mornings and nights I passed by that free diabetes class sign saying to myself- you really should go by or atleast call... But, Today, I just felt like the Lord was leading me to to stop making excuses and volunteer my time serving others. I felt as though he was literally telling me to stop my car. Then, as I was slowing down to see if they were still open in a last ditch effort to back out, the light turned red and I had no choice but to stop and get a clear view of a well lit pharmacy bustling with patients. I had no choice-- I grabbed my business card, pulled in a went inside. I'm so thankful I did too! Jennifer, an RN in charge of the class seemed amazed that I stopped by on my own accord- not because work wanted me to. I'm not getting paid, I don't have to be here, I just want to help and share my knowledge. She was surprised I didn't already know that this pharmacy works closely with my hospital and some of my patients come to the class when it's offered. I left feeling refreshed and uplifted thanking God for putting the desire to go in my heart. So, who's really receiving the blessing here? I think I am! 

Are you in search of greatness too? I think there are two main types of people, those who get a degree and job (or just a job) and never dream of changing (not in a bad way) and then there are those who love what they are doing and are happy and satisfied but not content. If you're like me and feel like you were meant for more than what you currently are doing and you haven't heard Pastor Barnett speak before, click this link to hear his sermon that inspired me to do more where I already am! I was hanging on every word!

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