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No Gym Membership? No Problem!

Now that we've got that brownie winning contest out of the way, let's talk fitness!

When I first moved back to Jasper I was really hesitant to buy a gym membership. Honestly, the only reason I broke down and did was because I felt like I was running too much and my knees would need a break... Plus the gym was running a $20/month special... If I had found these apps sooner, I wouldn't have signed up in the first place. Sometimes a gym membership isn't a feasible option. Especially when expensive contracts are involved. Plus, many of the kids I talk to are too young to get to the gym on their own so, for them, a home workout is the way to go. Let's be honest, most of us don't want to waste the money on a membership we may not even use! Workouts at home save time and money! That's why I love these websites and apps that my friends turned me on to. Whether you work out all the time or are just getting started, one thing is for sure, if us girls find a good thing, we share it!

Joanna told me about the Nike Plus app and I've used it a lot since. It's completely free and has great, complete workouts for getting lean, toned, and many other options. No need to spend money on a gym or a personal trainer... this app has it all. A bonus is that your own music app will still play while you run the Nike Plus app. Here's a screen shot of what it looks like:
In the App Store, type in "Nike training club" and you should see this option: 

Anna found this PureBarre type arm workout for free online as well. If you don't have hand weights, try the workout without them. In PureBarre, they encouraged us to workout without weights in the beginning so we could hone in on muscles we are trying to work.

Finally, there's yoga. Kathleen discovered this free yoga website complete with various routines. You can choose the type of yoga, time frame, and even the teacher! After our long run last week, I clicked the drop down link and chose Yoga for Runners with a time limit of 0-20 minutes and at the beginner level. It ended up being a great morning stretch! Check out Do Yoga With Me and find a routine you like.

Last, but not least, if you don't have access to a gym, apps or the internet, just get out there with friends! Maybe one day it will actually get warmer and make the great outdoors more...great...but for now, grab someone and some mace (don't ask), bundle up, and go on a walk or run! Workouts are always more fun with friends!


  1. Great resources! without a gym membership and with this cold weather it's nice to know how to mix it up inside! I can only find the Nike plus running app, is that the one?

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  3. Hey Lauren! Thanks for reading. I'm glad you find it helpful! You have the perfect space for home workouts too! The running app is not the same one. You should be able to type in "Nike training club". I updated the post to show a screen shot of the one you're looking for- hope it helps:)