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5 Tips for a Stress Free Wedding Registry

JT and I spent Valentine's weekend finishing our wedding registry. When we first started a couple of weeks ago we were less than impressed with the fun in registering. We started at Belk in Jasper only to learn their machine was broken so we ended up at Belk in Birmingham. Nothing was labeled with any price and the ladies were helpful in setting us up with the labeling gun but nothing else. We started out by trying to determine what we need for a decent price but since nothing was priced, in what seemed like the entire store, we both agreed to just start scanning and we would edit the list later. Best idea ever. It turned a stressful- no clue how much this pot costs- night into a fun- hey that's cool- night.

That night, we met up with this crew for dinner at Saw's where I ate more fried pickles than I'd like to admit.

The next registry attempt landed us at Pottery Barn. There, they give you a registry "guide". It takes you through each room in the house and helps you identify things you might need. It proved to be so helpful!

Finally, we went to bed, bath, and beyond. Jac helped us and was awesome! He offered to walk around with us but since this was our third store, we figured we could manage. Bed, Bath and Beyond is set up in "rooms" so it makes registering super easy. You finish one room before you move on to the next which helped me stay focused on the task at hand. It doesn't hurt that I love everything about being in a kitchen! I could have stayed in the kitchen section for days.

Since our registration process could have gone south quickly, I decide to share some ideas that may make it run more smoothly for first timers.

1) Start at a wedding oriented store. If we had started in Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Belk would have been less troublesome because we would have had an idea of how it should go.

2) Just scan it. Scan your little heart out. I navigated and let JT man the scanner and it was so much fun! The hardest part for us was getting past the "I already have one of those from college" mentality. I don't care what you have left from college, register for a new one and pass the college one on to a new college kid! You will enjoy a house of new things.

3) Register for a lot! There's nothing worse than having 2 options under $50 and 5 options over $100 to make your guests choose from. As a guest to many previous weddings, I like to get creative with gifts and having a lot of options helps.

4) Remember the fun things too! We spent a lot of time wondering if we "needed" something. Who cares if you need it. We don't need a decanter and whisky glasses but they were so fun to look at! If you end up hating it you can always take it back. Plus, I think it'd be fun to buy that for someone.

5) Register for things you may not need this very minute.  Jac, at Bed, Bath, and Beyond shared this tip with us. He said he would have never thought he would use an expensive KitchenAid mixer but was so glad they registered for it. To which I responded that he was crazy and why would anyone get married if there were no KitchenAid mixers involved?!

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