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The Home Venue

Today, the Robinsons officially started working on the home venue for our wedding.  The boys have already done so much and dug trenches in the former garden area and laid wire for more electrical outlets. Cindy has been working hard trimming the vines and plants so they will look full and beautiful come Spring.

I thought a home venue would be a good way to save money on the venue while still having a special place for the ceremony and reception. I was so wrong. I think it probably comes out to be more costly since there is so much to be done to the property, let alone tent rental, chairs, and tables. That in mind, I am forever grateful to the Robinsons for helping this become a reality.

In the past few years, they have taken the previous nursery land and transformed it into a garden, orchard, blueberry patch haven that shines from April until September. During the summer months, J.T. loves showing people around and bringing me baskets of sun ripened blueberries. The place is filled with memories for him and his family and more to come for me and mine. I am so excited that this place he loves so much will be the site of our wedding ceremony and reception.

Just go ahead and start praying that it doesn't rain, specifically on May 16, 2015.

Do you have any home venue tips?

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