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Recap + Week of Workouts

I just finished eating chocolate cake at Jan's while visiting with her and Anna, which is really how every Sunday should be.

Earlier today, J.T. and I went to check out Joey's new lake house. Which again, is really how every Sunday should be. It made me long for summer and I can't wait for the remodeling to begin. Pictures to come!

In light of the chocolate cake, here are the workouts this week that help me keep a healthy balance between exercise and cake:

Sunday: 2.5 mile walk with J.T. 
Monday: 7 miles with Kathleen as the first of our half marathon training
Tuesday: AM Arm Weights x 30 minutes 
Wednesday: Off due to Birmingham Young professional meeting
Thursday: morning gym x 30 minutes (weights) with 4 miles after work with Kathleen before Bridesmaid dresses with Kathleen and Emily 
Friday: off day
Saturday: 3.5 mile run solo

Notice Wednesday's activity?  Kathleen, Mary Lauren, Kelly, and I went to check out the YP of Birmingham meet up. It was not quite what I expected. See, we work in a hospital...comfortable shoes and scrubs are the norm...apparently we missed the stiletto, black scandalous dress memo. That being said, we did meet a man named Raul who was quite humorous and shared our hospital day life (and took this pic for us). I think it is probably more of a social event for singles and that J.T. and I won't be spending our first year of marriage at the YP socials. But I sure do enjoy my time with these girls!

Here's what the last part of the week and into the weekend looked like:

Friday night I met with a potential wedding planner and can't wait to put her ideas into practice! More about Elle Events when I secure her for our date.

Watched some JV Basketball....Walker County 2nd place girls! 
Caught a glimpse of a beautiful sky. 

What did your week/ weekend look like?

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