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Happy Birthday, Emily!

Today, is my lovely friend, Emily's birthday! In honor of her special day, I wanted to share some of last year's excitement when we celebrated with a snowstorm sleepover and a fun filled trip to New Orleans.

Happy Birthday, Emily!

The week before our trip, Alabama was hit with what we like to call "Snowpocalypse". The roads were packed with abandoned vehicles and businesses closed. Except for hospitals. We were open. Luckily, Emily and Katie live downtown so some of the nutritionists stayed at their apartment which was only about a mile walk. The first night was a blast! We drank hot cocoa and sled down the hills on pieces of plastic we found. Walked to work together and headed back for round 2.  The second night was just ok since we had been re-wearing clothes and all...we  were kind of just ready to go home. But, I couldn't imagine getting snowed in with better people!

That weekend, we left for Nola. Much like New York, New Orleans is filled with so much character and food! As I get older, I am really enjoying seeing these cities in a new light. We went to the New Orleans School of Cooking where we watched a food demo and got to eat all the food prepared. It was delicious cajun cuisine complete with gumbo and bread pudding! Of course, we stopped in at Cafe Du Monde for coffee and Beignets and explored the market. Kathleen and I ran in the mornings but got lost because all of the streets look the same. Virginia made some amazing cinnamon, sugar almonds that we all devoured all weekend. I wish I remembered more about where we ate and what we did, but for now, that's all I've got!
What should I do next time I go? Share your NOLA eats below!

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