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Daily Dish + Taco Soup!

Post gym A.M. Fuel Breakfast: Coconut Greek yogurt + walnuts= my recent fave!
Lunch was the usual- salad, veggies, cheese with a banana and peanut butter to round it out with some protein. 
Snack time consisted of a grapefruit with handful of almonds. 
Then a 3 mile shake out run with Kathleen! It was pretty tough in the beginning but by mile 2 my legs started feeling better. 

Dinner was one of my winter staples- taco soup. Here's the recipe. I added avocado and jalapeƱos and probably will every time now. Finally, an Abita grapefruit that I have had my eye on for a while. Abita became my favorite beer with the strawberry flavor and no flavor since then has disappointed. I just hope the strawberry comes back in the summer!

Come back next week for a surprise Valentine's Day giveaway!!

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