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Daily Dish + 9 mile Training Run

Happy hump day! Kathleen and I have a long run scheduled for after work so I wanted a little more for breakfast.

I opted for super filling banana pancakes with real maple syrup. I made them  by blending 1 banana with 1 egg, 1 tsp vanilla and a dash of cinnamon. It makes about 7 small pancakes and is deliciously nutritious! Janey has taken them on the school bus and dipped them in a container of syrup when she was rushed! Not a bad idea!

For lunch, we had a diabetes webinar that was catered by Full Moon. I waited to eat until after the webinar so that I could put the barbecue chicken on top of my salad and ditch the bun. I donated the chips and saved the cookie for my brother.
And grapefruit with Splenda sprinkled on top. 

With an afternoon snack of banana and PB2. I actually made it until 4 for my snack today! I guess that's what a busy clinic will do for you!
Then, I got paranoid that I hadn't eaten enough calories to sustain a 9 mile run so I ate a mini BabyBel cheese and these dried grape things from the drug reps:
They were ok- I bet kids would love them!

I had been pretty nervous about the 9 miles all day since we have never done such a long run after work. I usually do them on Saturdays after a lot of coffee. It really wasn't as bad as I thought! Virginia joined us for the first half and then Kathleen and I finished the second half  discussing bachelorette trips and brownies. It flew by.
We stopped to enjoy the light tunnel...and stopped for good when we heard the ding of the Garmin.

Finally, once I got home I really wasn't hungry so I had half an avocado and some mozzarella cheese followed by my homemade hot cocoa for a low cal, warm treat! Super exciting, I know but there's something about running that either makes me extremely hungry or not at all- it varies-- anyone else feel that way? Now, for 9:00pm too early?

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