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Keeping a Balance

I have so many posts I want to write about graduation, the holidays, and life in general, but so little time. Last night JT, Anna, and I headed over to Atlanta to be closer to the airport for an early flight to NYC today. Yep, NYC.

We ate at La Fiesta Mexican restaurant on Virginia Ave in Atlanta. It was a great choice. Pints of XX were $3.50 so after a round for the birthday girl we all enjoyed our meals. I went with pollo fundido which is just grilled chicken and queso with peppers and onions. It was 2 chicken breasts so we could have shared! J.T. and Anna opted for the fajita quesadillas. J.T. Is really good at travel plans and used the Priceline Name Your Own Price feature to score a $60 room close to the airport. We stayed at the Westin by the airport and were at the check-in counter in a matter of 15 minutes (which was great considering we all over slept!). The only downside was the 4 a.m. "All clear" siren letting us know we were no longer in danger. Oh good... If we only knew we were in danger in the first place...
Now, Anna and I are in flight and J.T. is en route back to Jasper. 

A lot of people have criticized me for leaving him behind on New Years. Of course, I would love to have him with me. Put simply, life is just more fun with him but we have both always done a good job making sure we had friends during our relationship. In college, we spent time together but also time with our respective friends and even group trips. We trust each other and recognize that we need friends too. A boys' trip to NYC may have a different itinerary than a girls' trip... As would a couples' trip. One day we will be married and rush home after work to spend time together. We will spend weekends working on our house and love every minute of it (well, maybe not every minute). Next year, a New Years trip without my husband by my side would be unthinkable. We both love to travel, especially together. I never wanted to be one of those girls who lost all of her friends once she had a boyfriend but then woke up one day wondering what happened to the friendships she once had- so I have always made it a point to spend time with both. And to be honest, I think that's why we work. Well that, and the fact that J.T. is, without a doubt, the nicest, most supportive fiancĂ© in existence. Sometimes I fail and leave either J.T. or my friends feeling neglected (most often in college, it was J.T.) but I think its healthy to be able to do things together and apart and finding the balance is constant work. 

Trust me, I can't wait to be Mrs. Robinson and travel the world with my husband. 

I have a feeling he wouldn't enjoy the tour based on the show Sex and the City, or the Broadway seeing, Serendipity dessert tasting-filled New York trip in the same way Anna and I will. And I have a feeling that next New Years, neither will I.

How do you keep a balance in your relationships?

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