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Week of Workouts Recap

One of the perks of running in November and December? It's the only time of the year I get to wear my Santa shirt from my very first half marathon. Although, I have to admit, people stare when you wear a Santa shirt. The Santa Hustle was a lot of fun so I just keep representing!

Normally, Sunday is a great time for a morning run. However, it's a rainy Sunday here in Bama so I figured there's no better way to start it than to drink coffee and blog before church.

So, here it is:

Sunday: Ran 3.5 miles {engagement picture day}
Monday: Ran 4 miles after work with Kathleen 
Tuesday: 5:30 am: 40 minutes upper body + abs at the Gym followed by 15 minutes biking
Wednesday: Test day=off day
Thursday: Very chilly 4 miles with Kathleen
Friday: Off day 
Saturday: Ran 3.5 miles

The past weekend provided beautiful fall weather for my runs. We also took engagement pictures at Oak Mountain State Park on Sunday and the weather was perfect!

This week was a little off. I usually like to run 6 miles on Saturday because it's the only time I can really enjoy running without having to be somewhere. This time, though, I didn't get started until afternoon and had to rush because the Bama game came on at 2:30 and I wanted to see it. {Roll Tide} If the rain stops this afternoon, I may try to make up for it. We shall see. I only did one day of weights because I totally called on Thursday morning and cancelled on JT  for our early morning gym sesh. Also a little off was Wednesday. Wednesday is usually my dedicated run with Kathleen day but this week we had after work plans with my buddy group to discuss holiday coverage. 

I have such a wonderful buddy group that those meetings are actually really fun! We started meeting occasionally outside of work because the emails just get confusing! Amy made Cowboy chili soup for us and Monica brought baby cakes to share. 

Does your work do buddy groups? It is a great concept. There are around 20 dietitians, but only about 4 in each buddy group. If you are planning to be off, you should go to one of your buddies first and ask for coverage. If they can't then you can go to an outside buddy group, but that rarely happens. Another plus side is we are grouped into buddy groups depending on what type of work we do so my buddy group is Endocrinology, Ketogenic diet, Neurology, General Pediatrics, GI, and Allergy. This is great because we are all somewhat familiar with what type of work our buddies do so it really helps make coverage so easy!

This coming week may be a little different as well because we are expecting baby Gracie any day now! I am already planning to go to the gym each morning in case she comes one day so I can head on over to the hospital after work. Then, if she doesn't come that day, afternoon runs can just be bonus!

Here's this weeks plan, just in case you want to join!

Sunday: off-unless something changes with the weather...
Monday: 5:30 am 30 minutes bike + 20 minutes weights at gym; planned after work 4 miles with Kathleen
Tuesday: 5:30 am Bike + weights + planned after work run with Kathleen
Wednesday: 5 miles after work with Kathleen 
Thursday: 5:30 am Bike + weights
Friday: 5:30 am Bike+ weights
Saturday: 6 mile run

What does your week of workouts look like?

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