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This Week of Workouts + Weekend Recap

It's Sunday again!  Yesterday, we went to a wedding for JT's good friend, Chase and his new wife, Alex. It was a beautiful ceremony at Prince of Peace Catholic Church with a reception at the Botanical Gardens. So, today I celebrated Sunday with a leisurely breakfast with JT at The Egg and I!

I was also supposed to be doing something totally random today--I applied to be on a makeover show (for like, real TV!) and was signed up to get a sweet new look for our rehearsal dinner. But, after about 2 weeks of coordinating with the associate producer, our schedules just didn't work out. Oh well... Mom and I went to the bridal show anyway and got some good information for caterers and other wedding related tasks. Not my kind of fun but I did enjoy spending the day with my mom!

Since it's Sunday, here's what my week of workouts looked like. I hope it helps motivate you to exercise during the week too!
  • Sunday:        ran 3 miles Sunday morning
  • Monday:      Off Day
  • Tuesday:      Morning Gym with JT! Arms/abs for 30 minutes + 1 mile at 8 minutes per mile                          (pre- weights) + 15 minutes bike after weights.
  • Wednesday: ran 4 miles after work with Kathleen
  • Thursday:    ran 4 miles after work with Kathleen
  • Friday:        Morning Gym with JT. (I slept too late for sufficient cardio so I resolved to                                 weights only) 40 minute upper body weight training. 
  • Saturday:    Ran 3 miles

As for other activities throughout the week:

  • I found a wedding dress, then decided I didn't want it... more on that later. 
  • Disney on Ice with Janey was super fun. We thought we might be getting too old but as soon as the Lion King music came on, we were right back to giddy children. Never too old for Disney! Then, thanks to their belly baring outfits, Janey and I resolved to go home and do crunches.

  • I, right?
  • And was a kitty for Halloween. At work, anyway. The nutrition department theme was 101 Dalmations, but after studying most of the time after work, I didn't feel like putting in the effort. I showed up to work costume-less, but emerged looking like a kitty thanks to Toni (the artist) and Linnea (the provider of the cat gear!). At home, JT, Joey and I watched The Fault in Our Stars. Maybe because I work in a hospital for kiddos, or maybe because I cry at the drop of a hat... I cried through the entire movie. Seriously. Only 3 movies have done that to me...Marley and Me, P.S. I love you, and now The Fault in Our Stars. Grab a tissue if you're like me! I hope you enjoyed your Halloween!

How did you spend the weekend?

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